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  • Mechatronische systems
    Webs 15 bandpass filter 380 acceleration measurement 420 operating point dependence mixing container 321 motor 319 pumping system 321 balance equations 61 properties 101 energy 89, 100 gases, vapors 95 91 pulse mass 61 bus 545 address bus 519 CAN 551 data...
  • Responsivity calibration of the QUIET Q-Band array atmospheric temperature); uncertainty in the calculated beam size from map integration7 with that of a Hermite-Guassian fit; 15 uncertainty in the shape and position of the bandpass (shifting the bandpass from... ...the bandpass); uncertainty in enclosure temperature (enclosure temperature hysteresis...
  • Optical subharmonic sideband injection locking of an optoelectronic oscillator
    An OEO ( enclosed in the dotted square) with a nominal frequency of 10 GHz is... ...a ~2.3 km optics fiber, a photodetector with 3dB bandwidth of 15 GHz, responsibility of 0.6 A/W, an electrical bandpass filter (EBF) with a...
  • Practical regulating technique
    ...thickness measurement 107, 321 video tape thickness control 321, 327 belt speed 306, 315 video tape length 314 bandpass filter 51, 408 band stop... ...389 mining-shaft conveying system 291 acceleration moment 101... ...block diagrams, - plan 7, 15 , 135, 182 BODE diagram...
  • A new bandpass shielding enclosure of hexagon array for modern portable digital devices
    Chiu, C.-N. and Lai, W.-T. (2008), A new bandpass shielding enclosure of hexagon array for modern portable digital devices. Microw. Opt. Technol. Lett., 50:  15 –18. doi: 10.1002/mop.22978 .
    top left) 320nm longpass filter, 15 sec exposure; (top center) Chroma HQ350/20x bandpass filter, 5 min exposure; (top right) ThorLabs 360nm bandpass filter, 5 min exposure; (bottom left) 320nm longpass filter, 40 sec exposure; (bottom right) 385nm longpass filter, 40 sec exposure. some low-lint curtain material as a more flexibly way to enclose the scope.
  • Azimuth Angle Dependence of Equatorial Ultraviolet Airglow
    The ionization chamber had a 15 ° field of view and was filled with Cs2 with an MgF2 window; the resulting bandpass is 1150 Å–1250 Å. The photomultiplier, field of view 5°, was enclosed in a sealed box filled with O2 which transmits...
  • Low-frequency NMR spectrometer
    ...of 50 Cl lumped element II filters which serve as a relatively broad (approximately 100kHz) bandpass filter. To minimize incoherent inter- ference the receiver is placed together with the duplexer in an w shielded enclosure and the 15 V DC power supply lines are provided with RF chokes.
  • Quarter-Wavelength Side-Coupled Ring Resonator for Bandpass Filters
    Let us consider a classical third-order coupled lines bandpass filter. As shown in Fig. 15 , by enclosing the basic cell ring resonator with quarter-wavelength coupled line sections, a fourth-order filter was obtained.
  • Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Bandpass Filters With Hybrid Microstrip/Slotline Structures
    ...this proposed hybrid filter also needs to be suspended or packaged with metallic enclosure in practical application. REFERENCES [1] “Revision of Part 15 of the Commission’s Rules Regarding Ultra-Wideband Transmission Systems,�? Federal Communications Commission, ET-Docket 98–153, FCC02–48, 2002, . [2] H. Ishida and K. Araki, “Design and analysis of UWB bandpass filter with ring filter,�? in...

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