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    Frequency Meters - (113 companies)
    Frequency meters are instruments that provide analog outputs as frequencies that vary as a function of the applied input. They display values on a dial, usually with a needle or moving pointer. Frequency meters measure repetitions per unit of time...
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  • Frequency Counters-Image
    Frequency Counters - (145 companies)
    Frequency counters are digital indicating meters for accurate measurement and display of square wave and pulse input signals. Image Credit: Allied Electronics, Inc. Frequency counters are digital devices for accurate measurement and display...
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    Power Meters - (387 companies)
    Power meters are used for high-accuracy measurements of power over a wide-frequency bandwidth, and from both AC and DC circuits. Power meters are used for high-accuracy measurements of power over a wide-frequency bandwidth, and from both AC and DC...
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  • Flow Meters-Image
    Flow Meters - (1650 companies)
    Flow meters (flowmeters) and flow sensors are devices used for measuring the flow rate or quantity of a moving fluid or gas. How to Select Flow Meters. Image Credit: Aalborg Instruments, Clark Solutions. Flow meters are devices for measuring...
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  • Vortex Flow Meters-Image
    Vortex Flow Meters - (130 companies)
    Vortex flow meters are flow sensors that detect the frequency of vortices shed by a bluff body placed in a flow stream. The frequency of the vortices is proportional to the flow velocity. Vortex flow meters are used to measure the flow of liquids...
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    Moisture Meters - (808 companies)
    Moisture meters are used to measure the moisture content in bulk solids, liquids and gases. Moisture meters measure the moisture content in bulk solids, liquids and gases. Some devices use infrared (IR), radio frequency (RF), or microwave techniques...
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    EMF Meters - (59 companies)
    ...and other maintenance personnel may use EMF meters before entering a job site. EMF meters can combine magnetic, electric and radio frequency (RF) or microwave detection in a single package. Handheld devices vary in terms of measurement speed and cost...
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    RF Frequency Multipliers - (57 companies)
    RF frequency multipliers are nonlinear devices that produce an output signal with a frequency that is larger than the frequency of a corresponding input signal by a predetermined factor. RF frequency multipliers operate over a specific input...
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    Frequency Synthesizers - (100 companies)
    Frequency synthesizers are electronic devices that generate frequencies by using a combination of other frequencies. They are used in cell phones, global positioning systems (GPS), radio receivers, satellite receivers, and mobile telephones...
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    Frequency-to-Voltage Converters - (84 companies)
    Frequency-to-voltage converters accept a signal and convert its frequency to a corresponding analog voltage level. Frequency-to-voltage converters are electronic devices that convert current signal inputs to proportional voltage outputs...
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  • One application of the coherent light communication system: measurement distance with ultrasonic sensor
    A block diagram of the program in PIC- 16f84 . From characterization of photo-EMF detector was found that optimal spatial frequency (for one of the two … The behavior of the ultrasonic sensor is linear for distances of 2 centimeters to 2.8 meters .
  • Real-time control of free-standing cart-mounted inverted pendulum using LabVIEW RT
    … already quantized to TTL compatible levels but are continuous in time as the frequency varies with the … The microcontrollers used are PIC 16F84 from Microchip Technology [22]. The first step was to substitute the wireless link by 10 meters of Category 5 twisted pair …
  • RFID-based anti-theft auto security system with an immobilizer
    … capture the unique tag from the transmitting unit, which consists of a PIC 16F84 microcontroller, RF receiving … The data transmission and acquisition system basically consists of frequency modulated (FM) low-power radio communication units … Many active tags have practical range of hundreds of meters , and a battery life of up to …
  • Technologies for Remote Data Acquisition Systems in Environmental Monitoring
    The transmission range for these modules vary between 50 and up to 250 meters line of sight with a data rate between 1200 bps to 19.2Kbps, using carrier frequencies in range 315MHz - 433M. Interface between the two circuits is realized by a PIC microcontroller (PIC 16F84 ) that converts data between …
  • Power Electronics and Renewable Energy Systems
    … support power line networking but to interface with it at least for smart metering and smart appliance … At each half line cycle, one diode and one switch operate in high frequency . The control circuit uses PIC 16F84 to generate the pulses.
  • Smart Card Handbook 4th Edition Complete Document
    … addition to light flashes, spikes or glitches on the supply lines or high- frequency signals can be … PIC 16F84 … form of attack may be carried out by using a terminal located several meters away from a …
  • Digital VLSI Systems Design
    3 GHz Digital frequency meter • … mul- tiply-accumulator (MAC) operations and are generally costlier than micropro- (Motorola), PIC 16F84 microcontroller (Microchip Technology …
  • Digital Electronics: Principles Devices and Applications Complete Document
    … ICL 7107 are the most commonly used A/D converter ICs for digital panel meter (DPM) and digital … If the oscillator frequency is different, C7 should be changed in inverse proportion in order to maintain … Another popular microcontroller type number, PIC 16F84 , has an eight-bit timer/counter with an eight-bit prescaler.
  • Sensors and Microsystems
    E.S. Fry, et al., ‘Integrating cavity absorption meter ’, Appl. Opt., vol. 210 kΩ Cut off frequency The low-cost interface has been built with one microcontroller (PIC- 16F84 or equivalent), two low-noise …
    Therefore, for meter range transceivers operat- ing at 100's MHz, DSP software radio requires comparable power to … … transistors by reducing the feature size to keep pace with the increase in frequency , the number of … #include < 16F84 .H> #use delay(clock=8000000) .

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