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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
28 PIN SOCKET ASAP Semiconductor BARRY Not Provided 28 PIN MACHINE SOCKE
28 PIN SOCKET ASAP Semiconductor AUGAT Not Provided 28 PIN MACHINE SOCKE
28-PIN SOCKET National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
28 PIN ASAP Semiconductor OEM Not Provided SOCKET
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  • Programming Baseline Flash Devices with PICkit TM 1
    ). Socket Pin. Connector. VDD. Power Supply. VDD – pin 2. VDD – 1. 13. VSS. Ground. VSS – pin 4. VSS – 14. 14. ICSPCLK. Serial Clock. RB6 – pin 16. RA1 – 12. 8. ICSPDAT. Serial Data. RB7 – pin 17. RA0 – 13. 7. VPP. Programming Mode Select. MCLR – pin 28. RA3 – 4. 3. TABLE 5: PIC16F59 ADAPTER PINS
  • System Design Practice (TC4426/7/8, TC4426A/7A/8A)
    a voltage spike drive at the input that. temperature is 150°C. extends beyond VCC or ground. The TC4426 input is CMOS and. does not require a speed up capacitor. In converting DS0026. Three components make up total package power dissipation: sockets to the TC4426/27/28 the capacitor should be remove. 1
  • Medical Device Link .
    arrangement is available for high-reliability applications such as medical equipment. Spring-probe contacts are screw machined and provide a redundant current path. They are rated for up to 5000 mating cycles. For fewer mating cycles, a screw-machined precision pin-and-socket contact system is available
  • Medical Device Link .
    , and common terminals. The standard rating is 15 A, and 0.1- to 25-A versions are also available. Adjustment ranges from 0.5 to 100 psi, or 2 to 28 in./Hg. Air Logic Pneumatic Components & Systems , 5102 Douglas Ave., Racine, WI 53402. Nanominiature connectors with a 0.025-in. pitch are made
  • So You Want To Know Connectors? (.pdf)
    Accessory. 07. Jam Nut. Pin – Solder. IH. Solder Mount Hermetic. Socket – Solder. Sizes by Wire Gauge, Examples: *Crimp is removable. 4/0 American. Wire Gauge 4/0. 22D American Wire Gauge 22-28. 2. Nomenclature: Cylindrical Connectors and. Contact Versatility - Several types of Contacts can
  • Electrical Termination & Mounting Configurations of UltraVolt HVPSs
    . An example of an in-line machined socket is the 7-pin, single-row Samtec SS-113-T-13 (see the "UltraVolt HVPS Industry-Standard Mating Connectors " guide for more information on UltraVolt high-voltage power supply connector compatibility with different suppliers' products). In-line machined sockets can
  • This technical brief describes how to use the PIC16C72 PICMASTER(R) emulator probe for PIC12C67X emulation.
    . An adapter socket must be con-. plexed PIC12C67X pin does not exactly match a corre-. structed to interface from your 8 pin target to the 28 pin. sponding PIC16C72 pin, however most applications. DIP socket on the emulator probe (see pin outs in Fig-. will use this pin in only one of it’s four configurations
  • Modifying the PICDEMTM USB Board for PIC18 Full-Speed USB Microcontrollers
    . Microchip USB firmware. (the standard MPLAB ICD 2 connector), such. as DigiKey part number A9031-ND or. equivalent. b). Remove LEDs D6 and D10. c). Run a jumper wire between the bottom vias. (closer to the board center) of D6 and D10. 4. Populate either U3 (28-pin) or U5 (40-pin) with the. appropriate

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