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  • Epoxies for OptoElectronic Packaging: Applications and Material Properties (.pdf)
    micro-electronic grade joining materials will be used. For LEDs, the silver epoxy is needed for both electrical and thermal properties. Optically clear epoxy is used for the potting, molding, or encapsulation of the LED. In LCDs, there are many different applications of epoxy of which 2 are presented.
  • Epoxy Value On-Line Monitoring with a ChemView (R) Photometer
    , this intense peak requires a narrow optical narrow path (2 mm). Also, the basic liquid resin starting material is a spectral interferent, requiring more sophisticated (multivariate) calibration methods. The Optical Solutions' PS-2 diode array spectrometer was used to measure the NIR spectra of 13
  • Tech Tip 2 - Handling Premixed and Frozen Materials
    Commonly, customers will purchase two component epoxies premixed and frozen in syringes for automated dispensing. This removes the weighing step and ensures that material has already been properly mixed for two component systems.
  • Better bones
    The composite bones are molded from a two-part epoxy system reinforced with chopped glass fibers. Physical properties (85 Shore D hardness, an elongation of 2%, and tensile and compressive strengths of 13 and 17.4 kpsi, respectively) are comparable to that of human bones and an added benefit is consistent
  • New Flame-Retardant Structural Adhesive
    of 3-5 minutes, a fixture time of 10-15 minutes, and a functional-cure time of 2-3 hours. Once cured, 5 Minute Epoxy FR provides typical tensile shear strength of 2800 psi (on cold-rolled steel) and dielectric strength of 490 volts/mil. As a black, nonshrinking liquid, Cable Cast FR is a special
  • New Crack and Joint Technologies for Secondary Containment
    Niagara Falls, New York manufacturers of chlorine and caustic soda used a fluoropolymer tape system and novolac epoxy-vinyl ester topping to replace a rigid fiberglass system on a concrete loading pad (Figs. 1 and 2) subject to constant impact and wear. Olin's Chlor-Alkali Products' plant produces
  • Adhesives Survey Report (.pdf)
    temperature assembly of instrumentation. 2. What physical properties do you consider critical among your cements/adhesives? 3. Of the following methods of assembly, please indicate each that is used in the high temperature applications of your instrumentation or electrical components. Please answer
  • High Density, Angled Optical Fiber Array and Method
    signal data when transmitted during use. The opening pattern is preferably 2.times.2 to 128.times.128 or higher. Several alternate lap tool designs are disclosed including translational and rotating laps formed from solid bodies or a series of stacked plates. Standard slurry grinding and polishing

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