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Parts by Number for 2 Port Multiplexer Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
FCD-155/48/2U/E3 ASAP Semiconductor RAD - DATA COMM Not Provided STM-1 Terminal Multiplexer, 2U for 2x10/100BaseT ports, E3 for 1
FCD-155E/48/2U/21E1 ASAP Semiconductor RAD - DATA COMM Not Provided STM-1 Terminal Multiplexer, 2U for 2x10/100BaseT ports, 21E1 for
OP-T3/B/AC/CX/D/CER ASAP Semiconductor RAD - DATA COMM Not Provided OP-T3B/AC/CX Multiplexer with built-in RJ-45 Ethernet port 115/2

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  • Sensing Light with a Programmable Gain Amplifier
    signal to be sampled and quickly. V. For digital sensing, the low pass. DD. VDD. filter and ADC can be bypassed. Digital. 0.1 uF. In. 0.1 uF. VDD. V. D. 6.8 nF. DD. 1. UDT. 14. 0.1 uF. 0.1 uF. PIN-5D. 2 CH0. 4.15 16.3. +. 1. 8. R. kΩ. kΩ. 1 =. 1. 5. 5. D. Internal. CS_ADC. 2. 10 to. +. 3 CH1. 7. 2
  • Patton Has The Remotest Idea! Models 360 and 3022 Are Great For Remote Configuration
    Server. Auto Data Transfer. Data Collection Device. V.34. V.34. Modem. Modem. Remote Configuration. RS-232. Patton Model 3022. Patton Model 3022. Terminal. 2-Port Statistical. 2-Port Statistical. Multiplexer. Multiplexer. Figure 2. Patton’s Solution for Single Device RS-232 Remote Configuration
  • Enabling Multiple Serial Ports on dataTaker Data Loggers
    CAS DataLoggers often provides technical support to customers working with dataTaker data loggers featuring 1 or 2 serial ports and who want to add more ports in certain applications such as monitoring GPS weatherstations and barometers. These users want to record data from all their sensors
  • Fiber Optic Rotary Joints
    . Technology. A quick patent search produces hundreds of inventions around two-channel and multiple-channel fiberoptic rotary joints. Commercially, however, only a limited number of design principals are implemented. At Princetel, we use our proprietary technologies to facilitate both the dual-port
  • Building a 10-Bit Bridge Sensing Circuit Using the PIC16C6XX and MCP601Operational Amplifier
    ). A1= Single Supply, CMOS op amp. A3A. A2= Single Supply Analog Multiplexer. A3= Dual Digital Pot, 1kΩ. 1µF. V. 10kΩ. DD= 5V. A4 = PIC16CXX Microcontroller. FIGURE 2: The combination of an R/C network and the microcontroller’s analog peripherals can be used to perform an. A/D conversion function
  • Absolute Pressure Sensing System (.pdf)
    that comes from the power supply. module. The unregulated 28volt input is supplied to an isolated DC/DC converter that generates. regulated plus and minus 15vdc and +5vdc. The analog input to the PSIM consists of (1) an input impedance matching circuit that terminates. the input signals, (2) a multiplexer
  • Fiber Optic Solutions from S.I. Tech, Inc.
    and single mode, Plastic or glass fiber. . 2 port optical repeater, optical T-connector,. optical to electrical converter. . 9600 bps to 12 Mbps - Auto Negotiation - visual. INST/CONTROL. indicators with Data speed display. . Status indicators: Activity and Error Condition on. each port. 2816
  • Converged TDM and IP-Based Broadband Using SDH Infrastructure (.pdf)
    Converged TDM and IP-. Based Broadband. Solutions White Paper. OnSite™ OS-10 Multi-Service. over SDH Provisioning. Copyright. Copyright © 2009, Patton Electronics Company. All rights reserved. Printed in the USA. 2. Overview. voice and data requirements. The growing popularity of. Patton’s OS-10

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