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  • Pervasive Computing
    Each of the AV streams also feed into a Kramer Electronics 32x32 AV matrix switcher .
  • Recent Advances in Computer Science and Information Engineering
    Video switch matrix is commonly used in monitoring system, derived from matrix video switcher , which can select one signal or multi-channel signals from multiple video sources to display on the monitors or transfer to the video device to record. The hardware platform is constituted of a ARM92440 processor, a touching screen, a 32x32 video switching ASIC �
  • Polatis Announces Expansion Of Product Line At Optical Fiber Conference
    � The TrinityTM family of optical video routing switchers , a specialized product for customers in the video � � the first of its kind, and fully integrates an ultra-low loss optical matrix switch with variable � Port sizes include 4x4 through 32x32 , and options for the powerful user-assignable port asymmetry feature.
  • Switchs / Network / Switching
    EOS-4000 Series - ELECTRO-OPTICAL FIBER OPTIC SWITCHER The Polatis Series 1000 Optical Switch is a high-performance, fully non-blocking alloptical 32x32 matrix switch.
  • 12.11.2009--S3 Assists Siano To Develop Mobile Digital TV Chips
    RPR Sports Provides HD Production With New For-A HVS-300HS Switcher Concerto Series Compact Routing Matrix � 7 RU system makes expansion easy�??it takes just one card to change a 32x32 system to 64x64 �
  • Grass Valley unveils new products for NAB2001
    At the top of the tier is the Concerto series of routers, which offers configurations from 32X32 up to 128X128 in a 7RU matrix frame. � months ago �?? the need to transform itself from a stodgy, high end switcher manufacturer to a �
  • Thomson Grass Valley Delivers On Router, Control System Interoperability Pledge
    � 512x512 configurations in a 32 RU chassis, the Thomson Grass Valley Trinix routing switcher family addresses a � Users can assign any 32x32 set of inputs and outputs to support either SD or HD signals. � to minimize down time, powerful tie line management for transparent signal routing between matrices , and virtual matrix �
  • DVI
    SM-nXm-DVI-LCD - DVI Video Matrix Switch with Audio Option up to 32x32 � input port.HPD line is Pull up connection from input portMPU (AT89C51) for Switcher IC (Ad8152) control �
  • Video Switching
    � output), full fan-out (any input to all outputs) configurations from 1x8 to 32x32 , with bandpass to � The standard switch may be used as a 75 ohm Video or DS3/T3 Matrix . VAS-1000 - 10 By 1 Video and Audio Switcher with VU Meters and 12 Watt Speaker Amp .
  • Standards / Matrix
    � output), full fan-out (any input to all outputs) configurations from 1x8 to 32x32 , with bandpass to � The standard switch may be used as a 75 ohm Video or DS3/T3 Matrix . SDI/HD-SDI Matrix Switchers .
  • Mechatronische systems
    MPY 32x32 Cells by the gate arrays, are unverdrahtet present in matrix form and are configured through the draft � � are briefly considered that connect individual components like, e.g., microcomputers, sensors, actuators, switches in the frame �
  • Reconfigurable Computing: Architectures, Tools and Applications
    The intercon- nect interface is generic in order to support a configurable size (4x4, 32x32 for example). The switcher activates the appropriate port to transfer data to the needed destination. In this work, we have executed 3 algorithms: Matrix Multiplication (MM), re- duction and picture rotation algorithms �
  • Industrial Instrumentation and Control Systems
    The program flow of the 32x32 dot matrix characters is shown in Fig.5. Video switcher is a device that can choose the right video signal, which is a key device �
  • Neural Information Processing
    The first level is the network switcher NS, which is used for learning different phases of the � � that the state changes from j to k and A ? {Akj} is the state transition matrix . grid size 16x16 grid size 32x32 grid size 48x48 .
  • Information Technology Applications in Industry, Computer Engineering and Materials Science
    � signal is composed of LED (Light Emitting Diode) light source, CDC image sensor, photoelectric switcher , image processor. comprehensive evaluation matrix is a. 32x32 -bit S-BoxS1:The S-Box S1 maps a 32-bit input to a 32 �