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  • AC Induction Motor Fundamentals

    -. described in the following sections. FIGURE 3: SINGLE-PHASE AC INDUCTION MOTOR WITH AND WITHOUT A. START MECHANISM. Capacitor. Centrifugal Switch. Rotor. Rotor. Input. Main. Input. Power. Main. Winding. Power. Winding. Start Winding. Single-Phase AC Induction Motor. Single-Phase AC Induction Motor. without

  • Controlling 3-Phase AC Induction Motors Using the PIC18F4431

    than the PIC18F452 or PIC16F7X7. Practically speaking, control of a 3-phase AC induction motor requires pulse-width modulated control of the six switches of a 3-phase inverter bridge connected to the motor's stator windings (Figure 1). The six switches form 3 pairs of "half-bridges", which can

  • "Hotrodding" AC Capacitor Motors and Gearmotors ...At your own Risk

    Type 42R5”CI” AC Motor Example with various Capacitors. 1 - Rated Speed and torque (approx. 98 oz-in at 1700 RPM, 4-pole) 2 - Breakdown Torque   3 - Starting Torque. Comments to above graph: A) Changing the factory specified capacitor to a different than rated value will void the product warranty

  • AN1162 - Sensorless Field Oriented Control (FOC) of an AC Induction Motor (ACIM)

    consumption. This provides higher efficiency, lower operating costs and reducesThe requirement of low-cost, low-maintenance, robust the cost of drive components.electrical motors has resulted in the emergence of the AC Induction Motor (ACIM) as the industry leader. In sensorless field oriented

  • AN110 3-phase AC Calculations Revisited

    , who advocated AC. Tesla’s involvement with. inventions such as the polyphase (3-phase) AC power system, the induction motor, the Tesla coil, the transformer, and the. fluorescent light was instrumental in resolving the AC vs DC argument in favor of AC transmission. During his lifetime, he. held

  • Monitoring Temperature and Power on Aging 3-Phase Compressor Motors

    CAS DataLoggers recently helped a frozen product manufacturer to monitor temperature and perform power factoring on several large 3-phase compressor motors used for refrigeration. As these compressors aged through valve leakage and piston ring deterioration, the AC temperatures fluctuated which

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  • Re: Three-Phase Motor Needs Jogging to Start

    Okay... as far as the 3 phase direct current motor that I have and was thinking that potentially by long shot, this answer searching individual might also have... Probably not, but hey, I have what was considered a 3 phase/speed/split motor that hooked up to AC as long as the common was common...

  • Bike to Wall Outlet Generator

    I have an old three phase motor with only three spots for wires - no neutral. It is a three-phase 110V AC motor. I want to hook it up to my bike to make electricity. I can hook it up, but I need help with designing the schematics. I want to be able to power normal appliances with the bike so since...

  • Control Board Inside the PIM for GM's Old EV1 Car

    I am looking for detailed schematics for the control brd located inside the PIM of the ev1. The PIM is the box that uses 300Vdc input (from batteries/rectifier) and converts the DC into 3 phase variable frequency AC output, to run the main motor (inductive motor). I converts DC to AC by use of a 3 p...

  • Re: 1 Phase To 3 Phase

    hiii all, to be precise, simply, capacitors wont do the job. if one can design an RC phase shift oscillator for power frequencies, it would be fine since these oscillators are used only in the audio frequency range so far as i know. and again, a possible solution may be to give the single phase...

  • Re: Phase Conversion

    Here it is in its entirety. Click on the schematic at the bottom for a larger view of it. 3 Phase Converter Schematic. (Miller system) I was going through my old Cad files and found this schematic I made a while back. I figured that with a good write up to explain how it works to back it up i...

  • Re: Monitoring Pump to Avoid Dry Running

    I have done it for some years ago. I had a float in the tank who break the power to the pump when the level was near minimum. You can monitor if the pump is shut down and you may to start it by hand. Do you want a schematic diagram? Is the AC motor one- or three phase and what is the voltage to it?

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  • Selection of an AC Motor to Replace the DC Motor

    Hi; In a "Single Facer" unit of our Corrugator machine, the "take up conveyor" has a DC motor 5.9KW 2700RPM. We want to replace this DC motor with an AC motor and inverter. On the driven side, there is a gear box with two sprockets which rotate two rolls on which a belt is installed. As there i

  • Stroboscopic Method of Slip Measurement.

    Hi, In stroboscopic method of slip measurement for induction motors, 1. With combined ac and dc supply, stroboscopic lamp is supposed to flash only when the ac and dc voltages add, and remain extinguished when they oppose - why? 2. By counting the number of lines passing a fixed point in a say mi

  • Electrical Maintenance Engineer

    Electrical Maintenance Engineer A British manufacturer that designs, develops and manufactures technology systems and components within the defence industry is looking to recruit an Electrical Maintenance Technician, to join their ever growing organisation. Key Responsibilities; + You will work within a team with the responsibility of maintaining, repairing and fault finding technical equipment + You will use your electrical and electronic experience to maintain the equipment, such as vacuum systems , pump stations , furnaces , ECH machines and HV test gears Experience and Qualifications; + A knowledge of High Voltage AC and DC circuits is preferable + Higher National Diploma ...

  • 362kv Substation Clearance and Bay Width

    What is the bay width of 362kv Substation and the phase-phase and phase-Earth clearance?

  • Schematic guidelines for MMPF0200 power mgmt IC

    Here are the guidelines for schematic entry using the MMPF0200.

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OMEGA Engineering, Inc.
Washdown AC Motors WSS Series

Omega introduces its new series of WSS stainless steel AC motors. The motors are constructed with the windings doubled-dipped and cured in polyester insulating varnish, anti-rust coated rotor to protect against corrosion, and double-lip seals plus V-ring shaft slingers. These 3-phase industrial grade washdown duty motors come in sizes from 1/3 to 2 H.P.  Ideal for water treatment, air/environmental control and machine shops.

Bison Gear and Engineering
Custom AC Motors from Bison Gear

will have a power range of 1/80 HP (10W) to 1/10 HP (75W) with a ¼", 5/16", 8 mm, 3/8" and ½" standard shaft diameter and the 49 frame (4.9" OD) will have a power range of 1/10 HP (75W) to ¼ HP (185W) with a 3/8", 11 mm, and ½" standard shaft diameter. These motors will be offered as a PSC, split phase, 3 phase and 3 phase inverter style. Several winding configurations are available to optimize performance, efficiency and cost. Being manufactured in the USA allows Bison to react quickly to meet...

Bodine Electric Company
Variable-Speed AC Gearmotors, Motors & Controls

damage caused by the inverter. Pacesetter gearmotors are UL recognized for construction, and are "cURus" marked. All models are designed to comply with the Low Voltage Directive "CE.". Bodine Electric's inverter duty AC gearmotors and motors are rated from 1/25 - 3/4 HP, 230 VAC, 60Hz, 3-phase, for operation with a wide range of inverter products. Gearmotors are designed with all-steel gear trains, needle bearings on the output shaft for increased radial load capacity, and long life. All gearmotors...