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Parts by Number for 3db Hybrid Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
1M803S Digi-Key Anaren RF/IF and RFID HYBRID COUPLER 3DB 90DEG
XC1400P-03 ASAP Semiconductor NEW Not Provided HYBRID COUPLER , MICROWAVE XINGER , 3DB
XC1900A-03S ASAP Semiconductor ANAREN Not Provided CPLR HYBRID 90DEG 3DB 150W
PC2025A2100AT002 Digi-Key AVX Corporation RF/IF and RFID HYBRID COUPLER 1.5 - 2.1 GHZ 3DB
PC2025A2700AT002 Digi-Key AVX Corporation RF/IF and RFID HYBRID COUPLER 2.1 - 2.7 GHZ 3DB
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Conduct Research Top

  • M560: RF Directional Couplers and 3 dB Hybrids Overview
    Couplers and hybrids are devices in which two transmission lines pass close enough to each other for energy propagating on one line to couple to the other line. A 3dB 90° or 180° hybrid splits an input signal into two equal amplitude outputs. A directional coupler normally splits an input signal
  • Key Parameters for Specifying Products (.pdf)
    . • Cut-off frequency (1 or 3 dB). • Passband frequency. • Band of operation. • Bandwidth: 0.5-dB, 1-dB, or 3-dB. • Rejection in the passband. • Insertion loss at center frequency or in. • Return loss in the passband. passband. • Insertion loss at the cut-off frequency. • Low-side rejection frequency
  • Fiber Optics Devices Based on VHGs
    filters,. the additional noise in the reflection spectra. ROADM, beam combiners and pump stabilizers. observed when tuned toward the shorter wave-. VBGs allow higher integration and added func-. length regime is due to roll-off of ASE-power. tionality than Fiber Bragg Gratings. from the SOA. Its 3-dB

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