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IN. Lo. PWM. +. N3. Q3. Q2. Vout. FB. CO. D3. C3. -. -. V3. +. I. OPTO. ISOLATOR. -. O. SYNC. CONTROL. R1. V ADJ. RA. -. ERROR. AMP. +. R2. V REF. O. FIGURE 2. Typical bias circuits in a DC/DC converter. You may be wondering why the ±10% V ADJ range. down voltage of the V junction of Q1, which is 3V...

./63d1b79b-5563-455d-8b62-a29d0bce62fd White PaPer. WP4001. Overview of NEC/CEL Optocoupler Products for. Motor Control Applications. by Van N. Tran. Staff Application Engineer, CEL Opto Semiconductors. Introduction. Direct Drive of MOSFET / IGBT with. Optocoupler Devices: This paper addresses various applications where NEC...