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Parts by Number for 3V Optocoupler Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
IDT71V016SA12PH?OP 3.3V 64K*16) OPTOCOUPLER National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
CNY17-3V-M ASAP Semiconductor OPTOCOUPLER Not Provided Not Provided
CNY17-3-V ASAP Semiconductor EVERLIGHT Not Provided OPTOCOUPLER 100-200% VDE RoHSconf
FODM3022R3V Digi-Key Fairchild Semiconductor Isolators OPTOCOUPLER TRIAC OUT 400V 4MFP
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  • Overview of NEC / CEL Optocoupler Products for Motor Control Applications (.pdf)
    . Secondly,. optocouplers provide isolated circuit connections between. NEC PS9552, PS9301L, PS9401-2, PS9553. different voltage levels. A microprocessor at 3V or 5V can. As listed in table 1.1. directly drive a 40V system without damage or ill effect. +VBus. 1. 8. VCC. 0.1 µF. +. –. 2. 7. In motor
  • Using NEC Optocouplers as Gate Drivers in IGBT and Power MOSFET Applications
    . u. t. p. u. t. V. o. l. t. a. g. e. O 4. Bipolar Transistors (IGBT) and Power MOSFETs are be-. 4. 5. NC. VEE. Shield. VUVLO – (10.7V). VUVLO+ (12.3V). ing used in large quantities in the inverters employed in. 2. power-related equipment in all these fields. NEC’s PS9552, PS9553, PS9301 and PS9401-2 are. Figure 2-1
  • Avago Technologies: Reliable LEDs for Automotive Grade Optocouplers (.pdf)
    . by the negative temperature coefficient of the LED for-. ward voltage. For example, in a 3.3V system, this will have. a 10% compensation effect, resulting in an overall drift of. Defects. <10%. Epitaxial Growth. LED Fabrication. Assembly Packaging. Assembling. Handling. The LED is covered
  • How to Simulate Current Transfer Ratios (CTR) and Long-Term CTR Degradation in Transistor Optocouplers
    exceeds VCC less 0.3V, the device could. 0.2. operate in saturation mode, a condition for which it may. not have been originally intended. 0. 102. 103. 104. 105. Conclusion. TIME (Hours). By changing the load resistance in the circuit, one can. easily simulate CTR variation and evaluate its influence
  • 2.5 Mb/s Isolated RS485 Communication Interface With up to 500 mW Supplementary Power
    voltage. Isolated Data Interface: The interface power supply must produce regulated. 5V on the output side. To meet the requirements for 3.3V and 5V systems,. the isolated data interface includes very flexible op-. Adequate output power provides you the option of. tocouplers. NEC PS9821 optocouplers
  • Output Voltage Adjustment In DC/DC Converters
    . IN. Lo. PWM. +. N3. Q3. Q2. Vout. FB. CO. D3. C3. -. -. V3. +. I. OPTO. ISOLATOR. -. O. SYNC. CONTROL. R1. V ADJ. RA. -. ERROR. AMP. +. R2. V REF. O. FIGURE 2. Typical bias circuits in a DC/DC converter. You may be wondering why the ±10% V ADJ range. down voltage of the V junction of Q1, which is 3V
  • - Circuits
    . The formula for current limiting resistor resistance (in ohms) is: R1 = 1000 * ( Uinput - 1.3V ) / controlcurrent In the formula above the 1.3 V comes from the voltage drop over typical LED used in optocouplers. The circuit for current limiting resistor is very simple: R1
  • Methods To Increase The Hold-Up Time Of AC/DC Or DC/DC Converters
    ). +. C2. D1. R2. 10,000 F. 6.3V. AC/DC. R1. D2. V. OR. CPU. V = 5V. IN. O. DC/DC. Q1. C1. -. FIGURE 3. D1 = D2 = IN4148. R2, C1 ≅ Charging time constant for C1, C2. R1, C1 ≅ Discharging time constant for C1. Application Note DC-007 DC/DC CONVERTERS DCDC_AN07_REV01.PDF. SHEET 2 OF 3. INPUT FILTER

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