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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
XTR105UG4 Digi-Key Texas Instruments Integrated Circuits (ICs) IC 4-20MA I-TRANSMITTER 14-SOIC
XTR117AIDGKRG4 Digi-Key Texas Instruments Integrated Circuits (ICs) IC 4-20MA CURRENT-LOOP TX 8VSSOP
XTR105PAG4 Digi-Key Texas Instruments Integrated Circuits (ICs) IC 4-20MA I-TRANSMITTER 14-DIP
8340-G211-N1R2-A4H0-0.02A Digi-Key E-T-A Circuit Protection CIR BRKR MAG 20MA 240VAC 80VDC
AD421BRZRL7 Digi-Key Analog Devices Inc Integrated Circuits (ICs) IC DAC 16BIT LOOP 4-20MA 16SOIC
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  • Cooling Towers and Boiler Controllers FAQs
    W300 controllers can be ordered with a 4-20mA option board factory installed by specifying it in the model code. This option board (p/n190744) can also be installed in the field by simply plugging it into a header. With the exception of a screwdriver used to open the front panel, no tools
  • AN121 Low Pass Filter Rise Time vs Bandwidth (.pdf)
    While most signal conditioners amplify or attenuate your signals and provide you with a usable 0-10V or 4-20mA output, few manufacturers actually tell you about their signal conditioner's response time or bandwidth or noise filtering and anti-aliasing characteristics. Yet these are very important
  • Electrochemical Sensor Technology
    DM-100 is a versatile low power gas. detection sensor that can be used with the Detcon. SmartWireless® product line, or purchased as a. separate stand-alone product. The sensors are two. wire 4-20mA loop powered with an intrinsically safe. design, and are packaged in an electro-polished 316. stainless
  • AN104 4-20 mA Transmitters
    4-20mA TRANSMITTERS. AN104. Dataforth Corporation. Page 1 of 3. DID YOU KNOW ?. In 1827 Georg Simon Ohm, a German physicist, published his work, The Galvanic Chain, Mathematically Treated, which. was the basis of "Ohm's Law ". Ohm's work was initially denounced by critics of the time as a "web
  • Shunt Calibration Operation
    properly, a zero reading should be observed. If a 2 wire 4-20mA device is. being used a 4 mA reading should be observed. Activate the shunt cal as described above, the output should then increase. to the appropriate percentage of full scale as ordered. For example if a 80% shunt cal value was ordered
  • Power Design Considerations For LED Applications
    The DACOUT of the FGD40xx can be used to design a programmable current loop from 4 to 20mA (4mA when DACOUT=0, 20mA when DACOUT=2.5V). The DC voltage output of the DACOUT has a voltage range of -2.500 to +2.500; for current sinking application 0 to +2.5V the design in Figure 2 can be used. For 0V
  • Case Study: Sensor Operating in Adverse Conditions for Paper Machines
    a sensor which could withstand this tough environment. Positek were able to offer a 2 wire 4-20mA output option on the P101 sensors which would operate over long periods at the high temperatures. The customer also needed a sensor which was made entirely form stainless steel so that it would withstand
  • Safety Critical Protection Systems: Implementing Pressure Sensor Signal Redundancy to Lower Costs
    . Dual (2 channel) pressure measurement, separate electrical signal processing and two independent 4-20mA output signals enable control-side redundant monitoring for pressure measurement points. It is now possible for Channel 1 to be a pressure sensor with measuring range 0-3000 PSI with a 4-20mA

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