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  • Power Take-offs (PTO)-Image
    Power Take-offs (PTO) - (66 companies)
    ...from getting entangled in the shaft. PTO shielding consists of a guard that covers both the top and the sides of the power take-off, and encloses the entire drive shaft of the PTO from the tractor or truck to the first bearing on the auxiliary equipment... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Ball Valves-Image
    Ball Valves - (2056 companies) the contoured V-notch in the ball, which produces an equal-percentage flow characteristic. They have good rangeability, control, and shut off capability for use in the paper industry, chemical plants and power industry. The ball remains in contact... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Flange Mounted Bearings-Image
    Flange Mounted Bearings - (271 companies)
    ...have a diamond shaped flange with 2 mounting holes. 3-bolt flanged bearings have a circular mounting flange with three, equally spaced mounting holes. Other hole configurations, such as anoffset pattern, arealso available. 4-bolt flanged bearings... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Gate Turn-off (GTO) Thyristors-Image
    Gate Turn-off (GTO) Thyristors - (22 companies)
    ...controllable on-state voltage (VTM), power dissipation (Pd), and operating temperature (TJ). Rising ratio of off voltage (dv/dt) is the minimum value of the rate-of-rise of the principal voltage that causes switching from the off state... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Sawing and Cut-off Machines-Image
    Sawing and Cut-off Machines - (834 companies)
    Sawing and Cut-Off Machines Information. Sawing machines and cut-off machines are used to cut raw materials to specified lengths or sizes. Sawing and cut-off machines are industrial-strength saws or knives designed for heavy, repeated use. Concrete... Learn More
  • Off Road and Heavy Equipment Services - (34 companies)
    Off Road and Heavy Equipment Services Information. Off road and heavy equipment services provide coating, finishing, part fabrication, processing, repair and maintenance, testing, manufacturing, and other engineering services to the off road... Learn More
  • Stop Off Coatings and Masking Compounds - (44 companies) Select Stop Off Coatings and Masking Compounds. TempSeal Masking. Image Credit: Ellsworth Masking Liquid. Image Credit: Grainger. Stop offs and masking compounds are used to prevent coatings, braze, solder, adhesive or paint from sticking to a region... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Boats, Ships, and Off Shore Vessels - (95 companies)
    ...and freighters are used in maritime trade and commercial applications include. Tugs or tugboats are designed to pull vessels that cannot or should not move under their own power, such as barges in a crowded canal. Barges are flat-bottomed boats built mainly... Learn More
  • Wheels - (386 companies)
    Wheels are solid discs or rigid circular rings that attach to assemblies such as casters to allow movement. They are connected to a hub and designed to turn around an axle. Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Power Supplies - (2848 companies)
    ...or regulator (normally a power transistor) to generate the desired voltage. They are also called switch-mode products or switching mode power supplies (SMPS). These power supplies incorporate electronic components that continuously switch ON and OFF... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    ...trouble cannot be located with these steps shown, consult your pump dealer or take pump to a... CAUTION: When working on pump or switch, always unplug pump power cord in addition to removing fuse or shutting off circuit breaker before working on pump. Remove 4 bolts that hold motor housing to volute.
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