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Parts by Number for 4 Digit LCD Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
LCD-S401C71TR Digi-Key Lumex Opto/Components Inc Optoelectronics LCD 4 DIGIT .71" REFLECTIVE TN
LCD-S401C52TR Digi-Key Lumex Opto/Components Inc Optoelectronics LCD 4 DIGIT .52" REFLECTIVE TN
LCD-H401M16KR Allied Electronics, Inc. LUMEX INC Not Provided LCD,7-Segment;4 Digit;0.17" High;Reflective
LCD-S401C71TR ASAP Semiconductor LUMEX Not Provided NUMERIC LCD DISPLAY; No. of Digits / Alpha:4; Backlighting Color
LCD-S401C52TR Allied Electronics, Inc. LUMEX INC Not Provided .52inches Character, 4 Digit, LCD Glass, TN, Reflective
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  • Using PIC16C5x Microcontrollers as LCD Drivers
    . State 0 +5V +2.5V. RC7:RC0. DIGITS 3,4. State 1 +2.5V +5V. State 2 0V +2.5V. State 3 +2.5V 0V. FIGURE 8: LCD CHARACTER BITMAP. COM0 SEG0. COM1 SEG1. COM0 SEG2. COM1 SEG3. Digit. F. E. D. DP. A. G. C. B. F. E. D. DP. A. G. C. B. 0. 0. 0. 0. 1. 0. 0. 1. 0. 1. 1. 1. 0. 1. 1. 0. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 0
  • Interfacing PICmicro (R) MCUs to an LCD Module
    devices. two flags. The flags and their results are shown in. Table 2. OPERATION. The Hitachi LM032L LCD character display module can. TABLE 2: CONDITIONAL ASSEMBLY. operate in one of two modes. The first (and default). FLAGS. mode is the 4-bit data interface mode. The second is. Flags. the 8-bit data
  • TC7135 Microprocessor Interface (TC7135)
    Many data acquisition systems require both a visual display and a computer interface. The TC7135 from Microchip Technology is a 4-1/2 digit Analog-to-Digital converter (ADC) which can easily provide both of these functions. The TC7135s multiplexed BCD outputs interface easily to low cost LED or LCD
  • Yet Another Clock Featuring the PIC16C924
    . PORTB, CCP, A/D converter, and the LCD Module. All. - Up to 32 segments, up to 4 commons. source code and examples are written in C and com-. 1 COM x 32 SEGs = 32 pixels. piled using Microchip’s MPLAB-C compiler. 2 COMs x 31 SEGs = 62 pixels. 3 COMs x 30 SEGs = 90 pixels. 4 COMs x 29 SEGs = 116
  • Engineer's Assistant Using a PIC16F84A
    are terminated by a GOTO instruction. instead of using a RETURN instruction. Frequency Counter. The Frequency Counter counts frequency and displays. it in an 8-digit decimal format on the LCD with a refresh. rate of 500 ms. There are four ranges, from 5 to 40. MHz, which affect the count resolution (from 4
  • Floating Point to ASCII Conversion
    from 0.000 to 3.500 volts and output. steps illustrate how to change the source code to return. the decimal number to an LCD. a total of five digits. 1. Ensure that there is enough RAM registers allo-. cated to hold each digit. In this case, we would. change the cblock definition as in Figure 1
  • MediaGauge Digital Pressure Gauges Family Overview
    the MGA-9V model) to optimize media isolation. The MGA-9V model is a lower cost digital pressure gauge with no diaphragm for use with dry air and non-corrosive gases. Three models (MG-9V; MGA-9V and MG1-9V) are stand alone 9V battery operated with a 4 digit display. The MG-MD model is powered by a 10
  • Selecting the Right Display for White Goods Applications
    ). LCD (6). LED (10). Light Pipes (3). RGB (2). SMT (6). Through Hole (5). UV LED (4). Tech Notes. subscribe via RSS Mon, June 01, 2009 - 9:57 AM. Selecting the Right Display for White Goods Applications. The days when all washers and dryers were finished in white enamel and had a couple of large

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