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    IP Cores - (120 companies)
    ...core designs in the same way the open source software community shares programming knowledge and code. Open source IP cores are a way for teams to integrate hardware cores into a developing project without purchasing expensive proprietary IP cores... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Magnetic Cores - (71 companies)
    ...cores include permeability, saturation, core loss, and materials of construction. Permeability is a measure of a material 's suitability as a path for a flux field. Saturation is the maximum magnetic induction at a given field strength. Core loss... Learn More
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    Core Modules - (27 companies)
    Core modules are computer boards or integrated circuits that are populated with electronic components and used in embedded applications. Core modules are mounted on user-designed motherboards and other systems for quick integration in custom designs... Learn More
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    Cell Processors - (9 companies)
    Cell processors are multi-core processors that use cellular architecture for high performance distributed computing. They are made of hardware and software cells whose interoperability is similar to how neural cells perform in the human brain. Cell... Learn More
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    Ferrite Beads - (178 companies)
    Solenoidal (standard) core - Solenoidal cores are rod-shaped cores. Toroidal - Toroid inductors have a doughnut shape and come in various diameters, thickness, permeability and types depending upon the frequency range of interest. They have a high... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Wirewound Resistors - (69 companies)
    Wirewound resistors are power resistors made by winding a metal wire around a core. Basic Information. Resistors are basic passive components which impart electrical resistance for the purpose of protecting or controlling a circuit. For more basic... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Chip Inductors - (218 companies)
    Specifications. Technology. Core material. Packing method. Application. Technology Choices. Solenoidal (standard) core. Toroidal. Bobbin core. Wirewound. Multilayer. Laminated. Solenoidal cores are rod-shaped cores. Toroid chip inductors look exactly like... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Inductors, Coils, and Chokes - (1031 companies)
    The shape of the core for inductors, coils and chokes is also significant. Toroidal cores offer more inductance, for a given core material and number of turns, than solenoidal cores. Toroids look resemble doughnuts and differ in terms of diameter... Search by Specification | Learn More

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ECO6907 datasheet and application note, data sheet, circuit,...
wire tables ferroxcube 31 toroid core philips toroidal transformer power transformer from malaysia philips 1968 4c6 philips Philips Application Note

capacitor MKT Philips datasheet and application note, data...
First line: vhf power transistor 4C6* BLF278 trimmer capacitor ceramic philips Trimmers 60 pf BLF278 push-pull power transistor Product Specification

ferroxcube 31 toroid core datasheets and application notes,...
First line: 4c6 philips 14 x 9 x 5mm Philips Application Note ECO6907 philips rf choke ferrite philips ferroxcube 4c6 philips ferrite core

ferrite 4312 datasheets and application notes, data sheet,...
First line: 4c6 philips 14 x 9 x 5mm Philips Application Note ECO6907 philips rf choke ferrite philips ferroxcube 4c6 philips ferrite core

A wideband 30 W push-pull amplifier with two MOS transistors...
in (nH) /A is the core constant in (mm-1) given in (3) N is the number of turns ?r is the relative permeability (120 for grade 4C6). For a toroid of
See NXP Information

A wideband linear power amplifier (1.6 - 28 MHz) for 300 W PEP...
copper foil (width 2 mm), thickness 0.05 mm) wound around toroidal core, grade 4C6, dimensions: 14 ? 9 ? 5 mm (
See NXP Information

OZ2CPU - Homebrew electronics page
controller Automatic Antenna Motor Lift system 1:1 Current Balun using 4C6 core for HF antenna.

HF balun 1:1 homemade
Core 4C6 Philips, Diameter = 36mm, height = 15mm, inside = 28mm CU wire used 3x0.65mm wound read hard in parallel, and 3 of them wound on the core

MATHEMATICS OF COMPUTATION Volume 70, Number 233, Pages 27?75...
are confined to symmetric elliptic problems, the results provide, in our opinion, a core ingredient for the treatment of more complex tasks.
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ispMACH 5000VG Family Data Sheet

See Lattice Semiconductor Corporation Information

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