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  • An X-ray tube target current stabilizer
    The stabilizer shown in the figure was accordingly devised to permit sampling the beam current actually reaching the target at + 4 kV and applying an appropriate signal to the emission circuit at near earth potential.
  • A method of completely filling capillary tubes with mercury for diameter determination
    The stabilizer shown in the figure was accordingly devised to permit sampling the beam current actually reaching the target at + 4 kV and applying an appropriate signal to the emission circuit at near earth potential.
  • Subject Index
    … of ferrites, 2874- of transducer response and drift-corrected d.c. amplifier, 330 Regulators, (See alan Control systems; Stabilizers ) current, for electromagnets, 1403 … … improved efficiency, 1784 transductor circuit as, 1783 voltage, for valve heaters, 1027 1- 4 - kV , usisag beam tetrode, 1026 …
  • Over wireless electrical tissue stimulation, particularly the brain, by means of dezimeterwellen-impulsgesteuerter separate, transistorized irritant current ge...
    1 Anodenspannung- and l:Ieizstrombereitstellung, 2 electronic anode voltage stabilizer (1--3 kVs ) and Kathodcnstrombegrenzer (0,1--0,175 A … … switches for keying of the anode voltage, 4 electromotive control for the … … the anode tube resonant circuit , fl capacitively-verbIockter grid …
  • Author Index
    … emiiissioni, 3455 -M,id (G. W. Gray, radechoii storage-tube circuits , 3457 Jensen, D. C … … anialyser to stabilize 50- kV source, 2759 Jerger, J … … bursts orl threshold for 4 -kc/s tone pips, 1235 … … M. W., d.c. stabilizers for electroiiiagnets, 271; direct …
  • 1981 Index IEEE Transactions on Power Apparatus and Systems Vol. PAS-100
    … machine for hydroelectric power applications (&1WM 004-1); T-PAS May 81 2171-2176 Glasgow, Alan R., and Edwin L. Carstensen; The shock record for 500 and 750 kV transmission lines in North … … Lee; Coordinated multi-machine stabilizer settings without eigenvaluedrift (81WM … Yu, R. J. Fleming, and H. A. Moussa Goossens, J. F., A. J. Calvaer, and L. J. Soenen; Full scale short- circuit and other tests on the dynamic torsional response of Rodenhuize NR 4 -300 MW-3000 rpm turbogenerator.I: Test facilities …
  • Abstracts and References
    A circuit is described in wlhichl the series stabilizer tube is inductively coupled to the error amplifier. An output of 20 ina at 4 kv can be psrovided.
  • A simple high-voltage electron microscope voltage stabiliser using current-regulated corona tubes
    The chain of 35 series-connected stabiliser assemblies has a total capacitive reactance of about 4 MO at 10kHz. As the internal resistance of the Cockcroft-Walton . circuit (and the oscillator) has been determined to be about 380 MO at 800 kV and depends slightly on the oscillator setting, the resulting ripple at the electron gun amounts to 2.5 ppm. .
  • A triode-connected pentode with stabilized anode current
    TIt is important to note that the sampling circuit output . depends on the total current flowing in … With 4 ft lengths of capillary tubing for the water cooling the total leakage current is some 2 mA at 4 kV and fluctuations in this, which the stabilizer .corrects for by changmg the beam current, are too small to be detected …
  • Improvement of synchronous generator damping through superconducting magnetic energy storage systems
    swings across long tie lines Several stabilizing methods such as power system stabilizer (PSS) in the generator exciter, static var compensators (SVC) on … … control these oscillations, as was evidenced in the BPA 500 kv Pacific AC intertie [ 4 ] The use of superconductingmagnetic … … converter bridge By changing the firing angle of the thyristors in the bridge circuit , the voltage impressed …
  • 1979 Index IEEE Transactions on Power Apparatus and Systems
    … 79 1146 (lA13) Parvatisam, K., M. A. Mohan and V. Ramamurthi; Synchronous generator stabilizer design using extended … … Nazario Camacho; An integrated information system for power planning studies-SIIPEP (F77 716- 4 ); T-PAS v98 … A78 581-1); T-PAS v98 nl Jan/Feb 79 10 (lA12) Perry, D. E., V. L. Chartier and G. L. Reiner; BPA 1100 kV transmission system development corona and electric … … on magnetic field, images and equivalent circuit (F79 235-3); T …
    The noted disadvantages of electronic stabilizers appear to a far lesser extent in circuits of electronic filters which have in their negative feedback loops an alternating voltage amplifier, and react only to variations of the alternating component of the out- put voltage. Thus, for instance, if one utilizes an elec- tronic stabilizer in a rectifier having a voltage of 4 kv and a load current of 200 ma, then the anode voltage of the regulating tube would vary from 200 to 1000 v, and …
  • A 30 MW m-2 electron bombardment heater for heat transfer studies
    The high voltage applied between anode and cathode was supplied from a continuously variable three-phase full-wave rectified supply capable of delivering up to 4 A at 25 kV . Overload protection and safety interlocks were incorporated in the high-voltage circuit . An emission stabilizer was fitted whereby a set emission current wasmaintained by automaticadjustment of the cathode heating …
  • Development of 220 V/300 A Class Non-Inductive Winding Type Fault Current Limiter Using 2G HTS Wire
    … on the phase II with the goal of a single phase 13.2 kV /630 A SFCL … This paper describes design, manufacture and short- circuit test of proto-type 220 V/300 A class, the … 2G HTS wire has good characteristic for SFCL application such as high index number of YBCO and relatively easy fabrication with various material and thickness of stabilizer [ 4 ].
  • A compact X-ray multimeter based on mobile computer
    … X-ray tube anode voltage (kVp) within a range from 40 to 125 kV (permissible relative error … … nostic apparatuses are performed by a contactless method without interfering with the electrical circuits of the X … The device includes a semicon- ductor detector unit, operational amplifiers, multichan- nel analog-to-digital converters (ADC), a programmable microcontroller (MC); 4 -bit liquid-crystal digital indi- cator, and Krona battery with +5 V linear stabilizer .