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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
S050M ASAP Semiconductor PRO SIGNAL Not Provided SPEAKER, MYLAR CONE, 8OHM, 50MM; Power Rating RMS:1W; Transducer

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ADS02008MR-R PUI Audio | Mouser

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Headsets:Single-side-Headset China:Headphone China:Geovictor -...
Speaker: ??50mm Mylar Speaker Frequency response: 20-20K Hz Impedance: 32ohm??10% Sensitivity: 110dB 1KHz ?? 3dB Input connection:

SPEAKERS Distributor ? ASAP Semiconductors
SPEAKER 8 OHM .3W ROUND Description:SPEAKER 8 OHM .3W ROUND Type:Mounted Speaker Frequency Range:1.36kHz ~ 2.04kHz Impedance:8 Ohm Sound Pressure
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Speaker - Ferrite /Mylar Cone 468-0001-3 Speaker - Ferrite /Mylar Cone TRAY 510-0002-9

CAR SPEAKER 15 LT69210 FLUSH Mount 4-Way Speaker 50mm Mylar Cone Midrange 25mm Mylar Cone With Neodymium Magnet

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