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  • Supervisory Circuits and Battery Monitor Chips-Image
    Supervisory Circuits and Battery Monitor Chips - (107 companies)
    ...and active-high. Open-drain outputs are connected internally to the drain of a field-effect transistor. Inversion outputs are inverted with respect to the input voltage. Non-inversion outputs are in phase with the input voltage. Integrated Circuit (IC) Package...
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  • IC Timers-Image
    IC Timers - (85 companies)
    IC timers are semiconductor circuits that generate or set timing for electronic circuits. IC timers are programmable semiconductor circuits that generate or set timing for electronic circuits. These chips function as single or multi-function units...
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  • IC Phase-locked Loops (PLL)-Image
    IC Phase-locked Loops (PLL) - (76 companies)
    There are several ways in which IC phase locked loops (PLL) function. An IC phase-locked loop is an electronic circuit which controls an oscillator and provides an output signal. This output signal should be capable of maintaining a constant phase angle...
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  • Flip-Flops-Image
    Flip-Flops - (71 companies)
    ...logical functions. Another logic family, complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS), uses a combination of p-type and n-type metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistors (MOSFETs) to implement logic gates and other digital circuits. Logic...
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  • IC Clocks-Image
    IC Clocks - (108 companies)
    IC clocks are semiconductor integrated circuits (ICs) that are designed to keep time. IC clocks are important components in virtually all electronic components. They maintain synchronization and timing control in: Telecommunications applications...
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    Monostable Multivibrators - (38 companies)
    ...on sapphire (SOS). Gunning with transceiver logic (GTL) and gunning with transceiver logic plus (GTLP) are also available. Packaging Options. Monostable multivibrators are available in a variety of integrated circuit (IC) package types...
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    LED Flashers - (8 companies)
    LED flashers are semiconductor integrated circuits used to turn on and off groups of LEDs either sequentially or according to a programmed pattern. LED flashers are semiconductor integrated circuits used to turn on and off groups of light emitting...
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    Oscillators - (561 companies)
    ...normally, in the feedback loop) determines the frequency of oscillation. This active component can be either an electronic circuit or a crystal. Sub-Types. Voltage-controlled oscillators (VCO) and voltage-controlled crystal oscillators (VCXO) change...
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    Crystals - (414 companies)
    ...from thin sheets of quartz and plated like integrated circuits (IC). Amplifying noise at the crystal 's frequency induces continuous oscillation, the periodic movement between two points. The oscillator output is then converted to pulses...
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    Electronics Test Fixtures - (68 companies)
    ...packages. printed circuit boards (PCBs). radio frequency (RF) modules. hybrid boards. Electronic test fixtures are also used to test integrated circuits (ICs). Typically, automated test equipment (ATE) is attached to an interface between the IC...
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