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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
536019-5 96 ASAP Semiconductor AMP Not Provided CONNECTOR DIN HEADER PIN ASSY UL250V CSA250V
536019-5 96 ASAP Semiconductor NEW Not Provided CONNECTOR DIN HEADER PIN ASSY UL250V CSA250V
5650461-4|5650461-5 ASAP Semiconductor TYCO|TYCO Not Provided CONNECTOR.SKT 96 PIN DIN
5650461-4|5650461-5 ASAP Semiconductor TYCO|TYCO Not Provided CONNECTOR,SKT 96 PIN DIN
5650473-5 Digi-Key TE Connectivity Connectors, Interconnects CONN EUROCARD PIN 96POS TYPE C
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  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Cables, Connectors, and Plugs
    , Apples, Switzerland. Medical connectors Potential equalization connectors eliminate voltage hazards that may occur when different metal parts are touched simultaneously. The 1.5-mm-diam POAG connectors are designed in accordance with DIN 42802, the German standard for medical connectors. They combine
  • Medical Device Link .
    equipment, and electrophysiology monitors employed in the operating theatre, the CPC medical connectors are offered with 5, 6, 7, or 10 contact positions and feature a robust self-latching mechanism that is secure under axial and torsional loads. They have a grip for push-pull action, gold-plated
  • Medical Device Link .
    in two sizes and can interface with portable devices, laptops, and PCs. Both cards are 5 mm thick and can accommodate antennas and other connectors. Both frame kits and connectors conform to UL specifications and have PCMCIA-ExpressCard-SIG certification. Custom versions can be tailored
  • Selecting Coaxial Lightning Protectors (.pdf)
    . 10.0. 14.1. Connector Types. 5. 37.0. 15.8. 22.4. 10. 40.0. 22.4. 31.6. The connector types most commonly used for communication. 20. 43.0. 31.6. 44.7. systems include the N, 7-16 DIN, TNC and the SMA connector. In. 50. 47.0. 50.0. 70.7. addition, the 75 Ohm F connector is popular in video/cable
  • Medical Device Link .
    molding that provides good strain relief. Connectors are double insulated with floating phosphor-bronze contacts. Plugs and connectors are available clear or color matched. Feller US Corp., 68 Veronica Ave., Unit 5, Somerset, NJ 08873. Circular connector. A 1- to 12-pin miniature circular connector
  • Medical Device Link .
    density. The MCD 0.5-HT has 2.5-mm pin spacing; the MCD 1.5-THT, 3.81 mm; and the MCDN 1.5-THT, 3.5 mm. The headers are offered in horizontal or vertical configurations with optional screw flanges or plastic locking latches. Parts can be easily integrated into surface-mount production processes
  • Technology Overview: VITA 46 (VPX)
    . improved bandwidth at greatly reduced pin counts. Compared to. In this overview, we look at VITA 46 (VPX), a new computing. VMEbus bandwidths in the 40-60MB range, VPX systems can. standard that combines the latest in connector and packaging. achieve over 5 Gigabytes per second (5 GB/s) using today’s fab
  • Medical Device Link . Protecting Circuits against Electromagnetic Threats Case shielding, circuit filtering, and cable protection are keys to meeting new electromagnetic compatibility requirements.
    . Assuming in this example that 26 MHz is within the amplifier's effective bandwidth, then a circuit threshold value of, say, 5 mV can be compared directly to the threat values to yield the needed protection level. In this case, the needed protection varies from 20 log10 0.4/0.005 to 20 log10 2/0.005

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