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  • Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys-Image
    Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys - (762 companies)
    How to Select Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys. Aluminum and aluminum alloys are lightweight, non-ferrous metals with good corrosion resistance, ductility, and strength. Products differ in terms of composition, grade, shape, dimensions, and features...
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    Clad / Bimetal
    Metal Matrix Composite
  • Metal Plates and Plate Stock-Image
    Metal Plates and Plate Stock - (742 companies)
    ...for a specific metal or alloy of interest. Non-ferrous metals and alloys are metals that do not incorporate iron as the base metal. The most common materials used for metal plates and alloy plates are aluminum, copper, nickel, magnesium, precious metals...
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  • Metal Rod and Bar Stock-Image
    Metal Rod and Bar Stock - (1077 companies) the base metal. Common types of nonferrous metal rods and bars include aluminum, cobalt, copper, nickel, and titanium. They have use in countless applications from simple commercial-use in plumbing to cutting-edge designs in the aerospace and nuclear...
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  • Aluminum Extrusion Services-Image
    Aluminum Extrusion Services - (216 companies)
    Aluminum extrusion services providers specialize in extruding aluminum and aluminum alloys into custom and standard profiles and shapes. How to Select Aluminum Extrusion Services. Image Credit: Kurt Manufacturing; Momentum Industries, LLC. Aluminum...
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  • Aluminum Framing Systems-Image
    Aluminum Framing Systems - (153 companies)
    Aluminum framing systems are modular systems assembled from extruded aluminum profiles. They include accessories that are used to build machine frames, jigs, and many other types of industrial products. How to Select Aluminum Framing Systems. Image...
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    Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors - (186 companies)
    Description. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors use an electrolytic process to form the dielectric. Wet electrolytic capacitors have a moist electrolyte. Dry or solid electrolytic capacitors do not. Configuration. There are two basic configurations...
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    Aluminum Oxide and Alumina Ceramics - (182 companies)
    Aluminum oxide and alumina ceramics have excellent wear characteristics, chemical resistance, compressive strength, high-temperature properties, and dielectric strength. They are used widely because of their versatility and low cost. Their main...
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    Anodizing Services - (326 companies)
    Anodizing is a process for finishing aluminum alloys that employs electrolytic oxidation of the aluminum surface to produce a protective oxide coating. Anodizing services for finishing aluminum alloys employ electrolytic oxidation of the aluminum...
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    Tube Clamp Connectors - (22 companies)
    Tube clamp connectors are structuring components used to fasten tubing together in flexible or modular construction systems. These systems are essentially industrial-grade Erector (R) sets made of steel, aluminum, or composite materials. Tube clamp...
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    Metal Foils and Foil Stock - (169 companies)
    How to Select Metal Foils and Foil Stock. Metal foils and foil stock are very thin, metal-mill products with a thickness that is usually less than 0.006 in. Copper foil and aluminum foil are the most common types of metal foils and foil stock. How...
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