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  • Angle Cutters-Image
    Angle Cutters - (45 companies)
    ...teeth on the conical or angular face of the cutter and also on the large flat side. A double angle cutter has V- shaped teeth with both conical surfaces at an angle to their end faces. Milling cutters are rotating cutters used in machine applications... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Milling Cutters - (876 companies)
    ...convex or concave features, or helical forms. Cutter Configuration, Geometry, and Size. Milling cutters feature either solid construction or a holder-and-insert design. Their tips or end geometry may be square, ball nose, radius tip, or chamfer tip... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Dovetail Cutters - (61 companies)
    ...of end or tip geometry options, including square end, ball nose, radius tip, and chamfer tip. Square end tip geometry for dovetail cutters have a square or straight end that features no radius, chamfer, or other finish. Ball nose dovetail cutter tips have... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Router Bits - (279 companies)
    ...have advantage over smaller router bits as the thicker diameter of the shank reduces vibrations and is more resistant to bending or breaking. Excessive wear or damage to the bit's carbide cutters requires router bit sharpening. Router bits can... Learn More
  • Dovetail Slides-Image
    Dovetail Slides - (31 companies)
    Dovetail slides are linear motion devices that allow motion and positioning along a linear axis. Dovetail slides may also be called dovetail way slides. They are composed of a flaring tenon or saddle (moving member) and a mortise (fixed base... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Pipe and Tube Cutters - (151 companies) manually, electrically, pneumatically, or hydraulically powered. The type of cutter used depends on the material, diameter, and thickness of the pipe or tube. Pipe and tube cutters are frequently used to create custom piping systems both... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Fly Cutters - (31 companies)
    Fly cutters are rotary tools that use one or more single-point tools for plane surfacing. The fly cutter is a single-point cutting tool similar to a lathe tool mounted in a special holder. There are many types of fly cutters. Examples include... Learn More
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    Keyseat Cutters - (67 companies)
    ...of radii. Other ends and tips for keyseat cutters include radius or chamfer-tipped. Radius-tipped keyseat cutter ends are straight flutes with ground radius on the very tip. Chamfer tip ends feature an angled section of the side or the end. These tips... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Gasket Cutters - (23 companies)
    Credit: Alpha Group. When choosing a gasket cutter it is important to consider the type of material since most cutters are not designed to work on metallic and non-metallic materials, the size needed for the job and if an extension is needed... Learn More
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    Flatbed Cutters - (25 companies)
    Flatbed cutters use a large, flat work surface and an X-Y cutting head to cut materials such as paper, vinyl, cardboard, textiles, glass, and other materials. Learn More
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  • DBC Industrial Supply Co., Inc. - Cutting Tools
    Home >  Cutting Tools  >  Cutters  >  Dovetail Cutters  >  Cobalt  >  60 Degree .
  • DBC Industrial Supply Co., Inc. - Cutting Tools
    Home >  Cutting Tools  >  Cutters  >  Dovetail  >  High Speed Steel  >  60 Degree  > .
  • DBC Industrial Supply Co., Inc. - 1/2 X 5/32 Width 60 Degree 8 Flute
    1/2 X 5/32 Width 60 Degree 8 Flute M42 Cobalt Dovetail Cutter .
  • Machinery's Handbook 29 - Quick Page Finder
    ...normal 1319 Dividing fractions and mixed numbers 9 head, angular position 833–836 numbers written in powers-of-ten notation 16 Dolly bars for riveting 1734 Double angle milling cutters 814 Double V-belts... ...cone clamping couplings 2444 Dovetail slides, measuring 682 Dowel... ...gear data on 2161 square around circle 64 symbols ANSI Standard section lining 611 geometric 612 ISO 612 lines 610 materials 611 tangent to circle 63 tempering, steel 479 triangle around circle 63 45- degree angle 62 60 -degree angle 62 Dressing...
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    • 60 to 80 degrees Dovetail Cutters .
  • WNGlosses (\
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  • Improved Damage Tolerance in Titanium Alloy Fan Blades with Low Plasticity Burnishing (.pdf)
    ...machined in a gentle fashion with a series of machining steps as the cutter advanced into the... Figure 5 – Simulated FOD created as a 60 - degree “V�? notch on the convex (entrance) side in Figure 5A and the concave (exit) side Figure 5b. The blades were held in a fixture by the dovetail during LPB processing on a four-axis...
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  • Machinery's Handbook Guide - Companion to Machinery's Handbook 29
    114) Referring to the illustration on Handbook page 682, what is the dimension x over the rods used for measuring the dovetail slide if a is 4 inches, angle α is 60 degrees , and the diameter of the rods used is 5�?�8... 1 2 9 ) Helical flute milling cutters having eccentric relief are known to provide better support of...

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