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  • ZASMHBA0001070
    ...a nominal composition of 65Cu- 18Ni- 17Zn, which is modified by addition of lead when improved machinability... Prealloyed atomized bronze powders are not used widely for structural parts fabrication because their nodular particle form and high apparent density result in low green strength. Prealloyed Powders of Brass and Nickel Silver. 50 54 58 62 66 70 74 78 82 86 90 Year Composition, % - - 1 Acid Oxygen insolubles Particle shape .
  • High resolution MR based polymer dosimetry versus film densitometry: a systematic study based on the modulation transfer function approach
    ...hereby reduced due to the forward direction favoured by the scattered Compton electrons (Reich 1990, p 62 ). This effect leads to a smoothing of the dose edges expected from the sharp edges of the... From the regions of high photon intensity there is a higher inflow of incident Compton electrons entering... The absorbed dose in the low dose regime under the brass fingers is correspondingly increased. The ideal rectangular shape of the absorption grid is therefore transformed into a more sinusoidal-type dose... ...figure 5(b)) due to the absorption grid are observed from the largest structural elements at about... ...separated according to the DMTF resolution criterion (equation (10)), indicated by the modulation depth of 52 % .
  • ZASMHBA0002326
    ...Sand cast 330 48 421 61 4.5 90 and lead -free tin bronzes, and... ...cast 359 52 426 62 2.5 119 alloys... ...bars (a) 0.1 % offset by static and... ...those used for other brass and aluminum mill products. ...usually performs well dur- erations are also similar to those used for conThe high compressive strength and... ...for the ways on machine ductility and forming characteristics that result from these structural changes are of... ...and aluwear resistance. ble 1 these materials exhibit essentially zero minum-tin alloy shapes are produced by...
  • ZASMHBA0002462
    52 41 48 41 54 58 62 21-25 24-30 32-42 ing alloys (die, permanent, sand mold), copper ( brasses ), aluminum, and magnesium alloys, wrought zinc alloys, and zinc... In the United States during 1994, zinc usage was about 54 % in galvanizing, 21% in zinc... As a structural material zinc offers 3good strength at a moderate density (7.133 g/cm , or 0... The high fluidity of the liquid contributes to its good castability, permitting the casting of thin-wall... Wrought zinc and zinc alloys are available in fiat-rolled, wire-drawn, and extruded and forged shapes . Zinc can be soldered, but solder alloys based on lead , cadmium, or tin cannot be used, because...
  • ZCACA2001P003
    Alloys containing nominally 65% Cu, 2% Pb, and 33% Zn (C34200); and 62% Cu, 2% Pb, and 36% Zn (C35300), generally available in flat products and rod. They are used where easy stamping and machining are desired, as for instance, in clock and watch backs and gears and for engraving. high - leaded brass (tube) (C33200). ...89% Cu, 1.75% Pb, and 9.25% Zn, generally available in rod, shapes , and bar, and... ...and stronger than naval brass (C46400) and is, therefore, preferred to the latter for many structural uses.
  • Structural and phase transformations in α + β brasses
    STRUCTURAL AND PHASE TRANSFORMATIONS IN α + β BRASSES ...parti- cles are uniformly distributed over the alloy and have a spherical or needlelike shape (Fig. 1b). The total content of these particles is 5 vol % . ...and holding of the α + β brasses in the tem- perature range 500–700°C leads to the formation... ...the metal to a tool, and coarse β-phase grains (which have a high hardness) can cause... Quantita- tive metallographic analysis [7] showed that the α- phase content is about 62 wt %, the...
  • Materials Handbook: An Encyclopedia for Managers, Technical Professionals, Purchasing and Production Managers, Technicians, and Supervisors, Fifteenth Edition ...
    It has high strength, a white color, and casts well. Nickelene is an old name applied to nickel brass of various compositions, but an alloy patented in 1912 under this name had 55 % copper, 12.5 nickel, 20.5 zinc, 10 lead , and 2 tin. They are used for armor plate, structural shapes , rails, heavy-duty machine parts, gears, automobile parts, and ordnance. ...tensile strength of 83,000 lb/in 2 (572 MPa), elongation 30%, and reduction of area 62 %.
  • ZCU19
    ...Maximum StXllgth Limit Elongation Temperature v* in 2" psi psi "F 70 ;i % 25500 8.0... ...Specification 2100-2300°F 1920-2100°F 1800-1830°F 1570-1815OF S/16 in/k Equivalentsz SAE 62 ASTM B143 A&y... Machinability: its eg qual;ties are not as good as the leaded compositions and there is a... Use emulsifying cutting oil with lo-20 parts water for turning, boring, shaping , driig and milling operations. For drilling, use standard high speed steel drii which have helix angles of 26-30 deg. Good results are obtained with slow helix " brass " drills having a helix angle of lo... It is also used for structural purposes where corrosion resistance is important, for valves and fittings for...