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UTS68E2P Digi-Key Souriau Connection Technology Connectors, Interconnects CONN PLUG 2P INLINE PIN SLD CUP
UTS68E3P Digi-Key Souriau Connection Technology Connectors, Interconnects CONN PLUG 3P INLINE PIN SLD CUP

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  • Simplifying External Memory Connections of PIC17CXXX PICmicro (R) Microcontrollers
    to the RE0/ALE pin of the microcontroller and the. second USART could be used for downloading new. OE pins are tied to ground. These devices can be. code into the FLASH. found in various packages types (DIP through TSSOP). FIGURE 2: PIC17C756 IN EXTENDED. MICROCONTROLLER MODE. PIC17C756. External
  • Interfacing Motorola 68HC11 to Microchip's SPI Serial EEPROM
    There are many different microcontrollers on the market today that are being used in embedded control applications. Many of these embedded control systems need non-volatile memory. Because of their small footprint, byte level flexibility, low I/O pin requirement, low power consumption, and low cost
  • Trimming The Output Voltage Of DC/DC Converters
    The simplest and least expensive solution is to connect a resistor from the VOUT Adjust pin to the minus (-) reference point or to the plus (+) reference point (positive point where the feedback RF resistor is connected. When a variable voltage source, such as a digital-to-analog converter (D
  • S2000 Spectrometer OEM Data Sheet
    Sheet. Specifications. Specifications Criteria. Absolute Maximum Ratings: VCC. + 5.5 VDC. Voltage on any pin. Vcc + 0.2 VDC. Physical Specifications: Physical Dimensions (no enclosure). 5.45 (length) x 3.90 (width) x 0.90 (height) inches (master only). Physical Dimensions (enclosure). 5.46 (length) x
  • HR4000 Spectrometer OEM Data Sheet
    ). 12 VCC , VUSB or 5Vin Input or Output This is the input power pin to the HR4000. Additionally when. operating via a Universal Serial Bus (USB) this is the USB power. connection (+5V) which can be used to power other peripherals (Care. must be taken to insure that the peripheral complies with USB
  • Giga-snaP BGA SMT Adapters
    force of competitive adapters,. only 4.5 mm. This is the shortest connection. shorter electrical path for highest speed, and. length available in a pin and socket. can be solder reflowed numerous times. combination, thus providing providing better. 1mm Giga-snaP. Page 2. transmission of high frequency
  • Understanding and Testing SCSI Terminators
    the terminator. $ 1895.00. ONE (1). SCPT-T1. Scripting (software option) for Touch 1. $ 295.00. ONE (1). KSTT-T1. SCSI Terminator Kit. $ 395.00. ONE (1). KD5P-50. 50 Pin SCSI Terminator Adapter for Touch 1. $ 185.00. ONE (1). KD5P-68. 68 Pin (Female) SCSI Terminator Adapter for Touch 1. $ 185.00. ONE (1
  • Wiring Guide for Dual Output Vibration and Temperature Sensors
    the. accelerometer is powered. An. illustrated example of the. connection from an analyzer is. shown. An adapter connects to the. analyzer’s 25-pin input connector. Two BNC-ended cables plug into the adapter. and connect to two BNC connections in the. switch box, one on each of the appropriate

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