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  • De Haas-van Alphen measurements of sub-grain misorientations in dislocated copper
    The magnet was driven by a small AC motor geared down to 1 RPM , producing a tilt of 4' in 6 min.
    A variable speed DC gear motor (torque 12 lb-in = 1.4 N m) and 2 fixed speed AC gear motors (7 rpm , torque 9.4 lb-in = 1.1 N m; 1.2 rpm, torque 6 lb-in = 0.68 N …
  • Full-scale tests of orthogonal wind turbine generator units
    … rotor of the first of the plants in the lower part without the reduction gear and belt drive could … … connected to de or ac motor -generators with a total rated power of 6 kW (2.8-kW … … the unit of 125 rpm .
  • Development of a parallel hybrid electric vehicle
    … Motor : 8 kW continuous Type of electric motor : 3Phase AC , Squirrel cage, Induction Type Max speed of motor : 8000 rpm Rated torque : 50 N … … traction battery Battery rating : 6 V, 215 Ah DC … … CONFIGURATION OF EPI-CYCLIC GEAR BOX Schematic diagram of …
  • Dynamometer Testing (Fact Sheet)
    - 6 MW (8000 HP) AC induction motor -Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) with full regeneration capacity, 350 Hz. torque response -75:1 3-stage gear reducer -2.5MW (3351 HP) 4160V, 415A … … harmonic filter -Rated power achieved @ 1800 rpm , 3600 max rpm.
  • Direct drive-opening a new era in many applications
    conservative application allows for anticipated up to 2% magnetic deterioration over time [ 6 ],and avoids operation at the knee of the curve in Figure 2, even at application overload rating, thus maintaining motor control stability and rating for the anticipated motor life. Comparing the frame sizes of a conventional AC motor and a permanent magnet motor at given roll RPM and horsepower, the example in Table II demonstrates a roll that turns 500 RPM at machine gear -in speed.
    a: graphite shoe for fiber control b: 15 cm ( 6 inch) diameter, 6.35 mm (0.25 … … disk c: 9.53 mm (0.375 inch) diameter aluminum shaft d: nylon and glass rotary bearings, 2.54 cm (1 inch) outer diameter, 6.35 mm (0.25 inch) inner diameter e: 1/20 RPM AC Gear Motor f: UniStrut Channel Steel …
  • Glomar Challenger Deep Sea Drilling Vessel
    … D398-B, each at 850 hp continuous or 1,000 hp intermittent DC generators (10) — GE Model 606 AC generators (3) — 500 kw GE, 440v, 3-phase, 6 @-cycle(two diesel engines drive one AC and one DC generator … Propulsion — twin screws, 10-ft diameter X 6.7-ft pitch, three blades, stainless steel, outboard turn- ing, 225 rpm Propulsion power — three GE 752 DC motors per shaft, driving through a single reduction gear , 5.11:1, for a …
  • Design and Conduct of Precision Planetary Gear Vibration Experiments
    Although it was built for initial testing on planetary gears , it is not limited to this application. Key components listed below were designed for versatility and flexibility: 250 hp (190 kW) AC drive motor with 4,000 rpm maximum speed 140 gal (530 l) lubrication system … … stage filtration 5 ft × 10 ft × 6 in (1.5 m …
  • Evaluation of Deep Soil Mixing Efficiency in Stabilizing Loose Sandy Soils Using Laboratory Tests
    The rotation force of the drilling auger was provided by an elec- trical gearbox motor (220 AC ) at the speed of 116 rpm . The motor, coupled with two gears which were located on the top of the device and fixed with tube leads, caused a penetrating rate of 6 mm/s into the soil.
  • Intelligent mechatronic equipment for shock and axes distance control of free gears 1,2,3,4 and primary shaft
    The teeth shaft and checking gears in contact are driven into a rotation movement by an AC (alternating current) gear motor with reducer and speed variation, with a speed of 30-40 rpm . … guides and read through the incremental transducer with linear movement with a stroke of minimum 6 mm.
  • New Globally Compatible Von Weise Drop-In Replacement AC Gearmotors From Bison Gear
    Utilizing 1/20 HP (37.3W) AC motors which can be conveniently operated from either 115V or 230V, 60Hz or 50Hz power sources, the new gearmotors are available in 6 standard, off-the-shelf models. With gear ratios from 10:1 to 494:1, they offer corresponding output speeds from 181 to 4 RPM , and continuous torque ratings up to 50 in-lbs (5.65 N-m).
  • New machinery from the Ya. M. Sverdlov Urals Hydraulic-Machinery Plant
    The power of the A-114-4M ac electric motor is 320 kW, its rpm is 1480, its voltage is 600 V, and it weighs 1.95 tons. The RPD-1150-P10-4Ts reducer is made with cylindrical gears , horizontal and two-stage, its gear … … unit consists of an N3-br/75-RP multiplunger pump and a VA-021-- 6 electric motor mounted …
  • History of electric vehicles in General Motors
    The slip frequency of the AC current is varied to maintain the highest possible efficiency throughout the RPM range. Each motor 's output is transmitted to the tires via a 10.5:l planetary gear unit. A cutaway view of IMPACT is shown in Fig. 6 .