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  • Compliant Tail (Press-Fit) Contacts in Mil Circular Connectors (.pdf)
    (Press-Fit) Contacts in Mil Circular. Connectors. Date: June 2010. By Phil Baynes, Field Applications Engineer,. and the Technical Staff, Conesys, Inc. The commercial world has long utilized compliant pin technologies to insert. connectors on to printed circuit boards. These connectors were designed
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    available as a board-to-board, surface-mount plug and socket with a stacking height of 8 mm. The contact pitch is 0.75 mm with a 0.5-mm pitch between leads. Fujitsu Takamisawa America Inc., 250 E. Caribbean Dr., Sunnyvale, CA 94089. Circular connectors. Circular connectors feature the Hypertac contact
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    . Medifiq Healthcare Corp., Vantaa, Finland. Circular connectors. High-reliability circular interconnect solutions are supplied to medical equipment manufacturers by a company that specializes in miniature, lightweight, customizable electronic connectors. The circular connectors feature patented Nano
  • Medical Device Link . Avoiding Common EMI Problems in Medical Electronics
    . Figure 6. Grouping signals on one return line results in high ground impedance and large loop areas. A better design is to distribute returns throughout the cable. Mistake #8: Using a Single-Point Ground for a High-Frequency Application Single-point grounds are highly regarded for eliminating ground
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    analysis machines, scientific instruments, and biotechnical instruments. The controller offers four-axis independent control in a 176-pin quad flat pack. It supports linear interpolation, circular interpolation, and a combination of linear and circular interpolation. The chip operates on 19.6608-MHz