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  • Ion-plasma way of receiving strengthening heat reflecting anti-reflection coating
    ...4 - magnetrons; 5 - power supply; 6 - gas supply system; 7 - system of photometric control of thickness; 8 - system of rotation of substrates; 9 - processed... ...10 - heaters; 11 - observation ports ; 12 - valve of start... ...manometrical sensor; 14 - the union of supply of cooling...
  • Journal of Thermophysics and Heat Transfer > Impingement Cooling in Rotating Two-Pass Rectangular Channels
    1, electric motor, 2, rotating shaft; 3, belt drive; 4, bearing support; 5, steel table; 6, rotating arm; 7, test model; 8 , compressed air; 9, rotating union ; 10, slip ring unit; 11, scanivalve unit; 12, pressure taps; 13, hub; and 14, safety... One additional port was connected to a u-tube manom- eter for pressure transducer calibration.
  • Cyclic Activation with a Californium-252 Source
    The sec- tions are c o u p l e d with stainless-steel unions which allow connections without requiring rotation of the tubing. The transfer port assembly, as well as the irradiation terminal, is shown in Fig. 8 .
  • Hybrid antenna efficiency measurements in fixed-geometry wheeler caps by wideband Q-factor estimation
    ...financed by the Greek Ministry of Education & Religious Affairs, Culture & Sports, and the European Union . ...a series or parallel RLC circuit, 2) The complementary Q-factor method, originally pro- posed in [4] and later discussed in [5], [6], [ 8 ], [9], 3) McKinzie’s S11 rotation on the Smith chart... ...AUT as a two- port network and manages to...
  • Container ports, local benefits and transportation worker earnings correlated with higher annual earnings but that is not included in this analysis is union membership. ...available for a quarter of the March CPS sample (the so-called outgoing rotation group) from 1983. In order to test whether this omission biases the results, Table 8 contains the results of a... By pooling the port -logistics workers in this way it is possible to achieve a sufficiently large...
  • Simultaneous design and placement of multiplexed chemical processing systems on microchips
    We also define an ordered composite set K as the union of wells and subsystems, K = NU... We dividethe formulationinto 4 parts: P1 - Subsystemrota- tion, P2 - Subsystemoverlap, P3 - Well to port assignment, and P4... Subsystem Rotation (PI) In (3) wedefinethe 8 possibleorientationsandassociatedport locations for each subsystemi in N.
  • Lithuania
    Lithuania has assigned one navy staff officer (two rotations a year) to the European Union Operation HQ in Northwood. ...Lindau-class mine hunter LNS Suduvis and a Lithuanian Air Force Mil Mi- 8 'Hip' helicopter after... In May 2014 five minehunters of SNMCMG1 made a port visit to Klaipeda, Lithuania whilst deployed to...
  • Somali government pushes back against rebels
    Libya - which currently holds the rotating chairmanship of the African Union - was cited as one of the countries that had contributed to the weapons shipment, but there was no confirmation from Tripoli. Sources at the port of Mogadishu, one of the few revenue-generating entities in a country that... that a ship transporting military hardware was expected to dock in the week of 8 June.
  • The International Space Station
    ...46, 47, 48, 50, 77, 104, 214 Pump module: 235, 236 Puny: see Port -5 ITS Putin... ...Kistler: 240 Ross, Jerry: 53À61 Rotary Joint Motor Controller (RJMC): 215, 271, 272 Rotating Service Structure: 54... ...256, 262, 263, 270, 282À294, 325À329, 343 Solar ¯ares: 147 Solar Monitoring Observatory: 25 Solid Rocket Booster (SRB): 54, 84, 136, 171, 198, 201, 240, 245, 350 Soviet Union : 1 Soyuz-2, launch vehicle: 254 Soyuz Commander: 8 , 135, 143 Soyuz FG...
  • Tomographic evaluation of a dual-head positron emission tomography system
    This research has been co-financed by the European Union (European Social Fund—ESF) and Greek national funds... [1] Townsend D, Byars L, Defriset M, Geissbuhler A and Nutt R 1994 Rotating positron tomographs revisited... [ 8 ] Ortu˜no J, Kontaxakis G, Rubio J, Guerra P and Santos A 2010 Efficient methodologies for system matrix modelling... ...2010 The development and clinical use of a beam ON-LINE PET system mounted on a rotating gantry port in proton therapy Int...