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  • A Bright Supernova in the Nearby Galaxy NGC 2403
    The explosion of a massive star blazes with the light of 200 million Suns in this NASA Hubble Space Telescope image. The arrow at top right points to the stellar blast, called a supernova. The supernova is so bright in this image that it easily could be mistaken for a foreground star in our Milky
  • Wired 8.09: Bright Switch
    Joannopoulos began to envision were much more ambitious, even propelling the theorist into the trenches with the engineers. "It's been fun, " he says, "obtaining. Wired 8.09: Bright Switch. Wired Home. Subscribe. Sections. Cars 2.0. Culture. Entertainment. Gadgets. Gaming. How-To. Med Tech. Multimedia
  • Wired 8.09: Bright Switch
    phenomenon now poised to have huge implications that reach far beyond entomology - specifically,. Wired 8.09: Bright Switch. Wired Home. Subscribe. Sections. Cars 2.0. Culture. Entertainment. Gadgets. Gaming. How-To. Med Tech. Multimedia. Politics. Product Reviews. Science. Software. Tech Biz. Tech
  • Wired 8.09: Bright Switch
    effect going far beyond lasers. "In the last century, we had the electronic revolution; the next century will witness the photonic revolution, " he says. "We'll see things we haven't even started to dream about. " The idea for band-gap crystals originated more than a decade ago in. Wired 8.09: Bright
  • LEDs Line Up to Illuminate Web Inspections
    such as a pit or scratch exist, the incident light will be scattered and appear as light areas on an otherwise dark background. Because the reflected light may be of relatively low intensity, very bright LED line lights coupled with TDI-based linescan cameras are often used in high-speed web-inspection
  • History of PNG
    (Jean-loup Gailly, Mark Adler) 5 May 95 PNG draft 10 (Thomas Boutell) 13 Jun 95 PNG home page (Greg Roelofs) 8 Dec 95 PNG spec 0.92 released as W3C Working Draft 23 Feb 96 PNG spec 0.95 released as IETF Internet Draft 28 Mar 96 deflate and zlib approved as Informational RFCs (IESG) 22 May 96 deflate
  • Wired 8.02: Must Read
    to project an exceptionally bright, crisp image. Here's how the Dragonfly makes your home video multiplex-ready: DATA FLOW. 1 The video signal enters the projector through a) a VGA jack, b) a composite video jack, or c) an SVHS jack. 2 An NTSC/PAL/SCAM decoder chip converts an SVHS or composite video
  • Wired 11.10: START
    multiple frequencies at once. "For the purposes of imaging, you really need a monochromatic source," says Reed. "But if you can do a frequency conversion, you could take a bright source and convert it into the terahertz region.". The next step for the MIT team is to test the computer-simulated

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