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  • Smart Computing Article - Members Of The Board
    the "CPU Sockets & Slots" sidebar in this article for more on the common styles of processor sockets. Within these two design camps are form factors such as Mini ATX (as big as 11.2 inches x 8.2 inches), FlexATX (as big as 9 inches x 7.5 inches), microATX (as big as 9.6 inches x 9.6 inches), and ATX
  • USB User Guide
    . It is no wonder why nearly all notebook and desktop PC 's sold today fail to include serial and parallel ports in their designs. tt. 9-Pin Serial Port 25-Pin Parallel Port. tt. tt. Expansion. Before the advent of USB, expanding ports on a PC
  • Using a PIC (R) Microcontroller for DMX512 Communication
    of the dimming data. To generate the two Stop bits required by the DMX512. protocol, the PIC18 EUSART is configured for 9-bit. mode and the 9th bit is set permanently to ‘1’. FIGURE 4: DIGITAL REPRESENTATION OF DIMMING DATA. 2 Stop Bits. r. eak. 2 Stop Bits. B. r. eak. re. o. re B. f. o. Code. e. rk
  • Medical Device Link . Avoiding Common EMI Problems in Medical Electronics
    are a problem (rarely an issue within a single system), then designers can solid terminate the cable shield at one end and capacitively ground it at the other end with a 0.01-0.1- uF capacitor. Mistake #9: Terminating Cable Shields Improperly Although commonly used in audio-frequency applications, pigtail
  • Verifying Cable Tester Programs
    these two questions depends on the number of test points in all the connectors in the assembly. Beeping out a simple 9 pin serial cable requires 153 questions and answers. A slightly bigger parallel printer cable, with 25 contacts on one end and 36 on the other, requires 1830 questions and answers

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