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  • A/D Board Proven Useful in Vibration Analysis on Damping Systems
    " for garbage collection. A/D Board Proven Useful in Vibration Analysis on Damping Systems. Profile. usage. Measurement and Control. Products. Analog input board. Industry. Machinery. Objectives. Overview. Low-cost and versatile damping analysis system consisting of AD conversion boards and FFT analysis
  • A/D Board Proven Useful in Quality Maintenance of Communication Networks
    . Test & Measurement. Manufacturing Automation. Download. Case Studies. Support/FAQ. Where to Buy. Our Company. Who We Are. Corporate Data. Overseas Network. Partner List. Contact Us. HOME > Case Studies > A/D Board Proven Useful in Quality Maintenance of Communication Networks. Products. TOP
  • Speed Considerations for A/D Converters
    In an earlier newsletter, we looked at techniques to ensure a good quality signal at the input to an analog-to-digital (A/D) converter. In this article, we will consider the basic conversion methods that are commonly implemented on commercially available boards and how these methods affect
  • Measuring the Effectiveness of R&D
    . Alliances. Tools. About Search. Board of Editors. RTM Index. Subscribe/Renew. Author Guidelines. Access Guidelines. IRI Newsletter. Book Store. 2013 Trends Report. Scoreboard. 2011 Trends Report. 2012 Trends Report. TVP 2.0. Download file: Measuring the Effectiveness of R and D. (Adobe PDF File). MEASURING
  • IRI's R&D Trends Forecast for 2011 (.pdf)
    This is the IRI's 27th R&D Trends Forecast. The survey, which was conducted in July and August of 2010, is focused on expectations for industrial R&D investment in 2011 and based on responses from 95 IRI member companies and 23 non-IRI companies. Because this is a voluntary survey and IRI
  • IRI's 2012 R&D Trends Forecast
    The Industrial Research Institute's (IRI) 2011 survey of member companies suggests a general optimism about R&D investments for 2012. This year, 104 companies across a broad range of industries provided input to the survey; R&D increases are expected across almost all industry sectors
  • IRI's 2013 R&D Trends Forecast
    Results from the Industrial Research Institute's Annual Survey. IRI's 2012 trends survey results suggest that R&D leaders are anticipating a year of weak yet stable growth. The Industrial Research Institute. Following several years of wide investment swings due to a drastically changing economic
  • Layout Tips for 12-Bit A/D Converter Application
    . There are a multitude of successful ways to layout out systems with 12-bit Analog-to-Digital (A/D) Converters and each layout is highly dependent on the number of devices in the circuit, the types of the devices (digital or analog) and the environment that the final product will reside in. Given all