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  • How many cells do I need in my Fuel Cell? (Simple Fuel Cell Design Guide)
    operated in a hybrid mode with a battery to help take peak loads. This means that the fuel cell only needs to be sized for the average power consumption for the application. As an example, maybe you 're designing an aircraft that needs 10 kW to take off, but only 3 kW when in normal level flight
  • P.2) Small Fuel Cells 2007 | by George H. Miley | F C T | May 2007 |
    on a clathrate compound technology, which traps and contains methanol as a "guest " compound in a host compound. This gives major improvements in the areas of safety and portability of methanol. A liquid-free DMFC for a portable battery charger is under development based on
  • PIC14C000 A/D Theory and Implementation
    This application note presents an implementation of a data acquisition system based on a PIC14C000 microcontroller. The PIC14C000?s analog front end will perform signal conditioning and analog to digital conversion of signals used in a battery monitoring application. Battery voltage, current
  • Low Power Design Using PICmicro TM Microcontrollers
    Power consumption is an important element in designing a system, particularly in today's battery powered world. The PICmicro family of devices has been designed to give the user a low-cost, low-power, and high-performance solution to this problem. For the application to operate at the lowest
  • Measuring VDD Using the 0.6V Reference
    as a device used in preparation of this application note was DD. As VDD increases, the resultingpercentage of V the PIC16F690. number will decrease and vice versa. This yields a direct "1/x" relationship between VDD and the produced DD lends itself to battery appli-The ability to measure V digital
  • Viscosity of Ionic Liquids
    . in battery research, as electrolytes in electrochemistry, as solvents in cat-. Other Anton Paar instruments. alytic and extraction processes or in chemical synthesis.. relevant for the application. For technological purposes ionic liquids are rarely used in pure form: they. will be diluted either
  • Infrared Analysis of Single and Multi Layer Films
    is important for quality control. Pri. r nciple. l o. f O. pera. r t. a i. t on. The InfraCal Filtometer is a compact, fixed-filter mid-infrared analyzer with no. moving parts and an insignificant optical air path. It weigh less than 5 pounds. and can be operated from a battery pack or a cigarette lighter
  • Measuring Antioxidant Inhibitor in Transformer Oils
    a battery pack or a cigarette lighter adapter cable. This makes. it portable, sturdy and operable in a range of ambient conditions typically found in. field environments. An internal calibration table and easy-to-use operator interface. allows for analysis by non-technical personnel. DBPC and DBP have
  • Opthalmoscope Enters Digital Age
    . Weighing 150 g (including. Fashion victims and cyclists could. battery) and measuring 10 × 7 cm,. soon benefit from wearable, flexible. these displays are lighter and eas-. displays that can talk to mobile. ier to fit in clothing than the team’s. phones. France Telecom’s R &D. award-winning fibre-optic
  • Measuring the Biofuels Blend Ratio in Gasoline and Diesel Fuel
    Spectrometer are compact, fixed-filter mid-. infrared analyzers that have no moving parts, weigh less than 5 pounds and can be battery. operated. This makes them portable, sturdy and operable in the range of conditions typically. found in field environments. Ethanol and biodiesel have characteristic