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  • Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM)
    Abrasive flow machining (AFM) passes a mixture of abrasive grain and a high-viscosity carrier media through a part's inner diameter (ID) or internal openings. AFM processes are used to debur, polish, and generate controlled-radius geometry in components. Orbital AFM is used for external finishing
  • Abrasive Filament Brush Deburring of Powdered Metal Components
    The deburring of PM parts is commonly performed in a batch process. This typically involves loading a quantity of parts into a vibratory bowl filled with abrasive media. The vibration of the bowl causes the abrasive media, and parts, to "flow". This interaction between the media and parts gradually
  • How to Move Abrasive Fluids While Minimizing Life Cycle Costs
    Positive displacement pumps (PD pumps) were created to meter or transfer hard-to-handle fluids like corrosive, viscous, shear sensitive, or abrasive slurries at various speeds without pressure-induced flow drop. Within the realm of PD pumps, there are reciprocating and rotary pump technologies:
  • Introduction to Flow Meters
    be provided, together with detailed data on the fluid's composition, presence of bubbles, solids (abrasive or soft, size of particles, fibers), tendency to coat, and light transmission qualities (opaque, translucent or transparent?). Expected minimum and maximum pressure and temperature values should
  • Rotating Unions and Abrasive Media - Experience Makes All the Difference!
    directional drilling since it causes little to no disruption to the flow of traffic. In a technical process similar to deep drilling, starting from the surface or trench positioned along the side of the road, a special three-dimensionally controllable sensor and cutter head are used to drill through the earth
  • Water Alternating Gas Injection System Requires Compact Flow Measurement Solution
    inherent. closed system, as the cross sectional area. characteristics. changes, so must velocity. By placing the. The rugged, no moving parts V-. cone in the pipe, the cross sectional area is. Cone Flow Meter measures abrasive, dirty,. reduced forcing velocity of the fluid to. and particle-laden fluids
  • Liquid & Gas Flow Measurement For Oil/Gas FPSO Vessels
    , no moving parts V-Cone lower energy requirements to move the. measures abrasive, dirty, and particle-. product. Cavitation, eddies, and areas of. laden fluids over a wide range of Reynolds zero flow that can form on the downstream. numbers without wear or clogging side of differential pressure
  • DFM 5.0 Doppler Flow Meter for Frac Sand Slurry Flow Monitoring
    CanFrac Sands Ltd. of Lloydmister, Saskatchewan install a Greyline DFM 5.0 Doppler Flow Meter to measure fracturing sand slurry when their in-line flowmeters were being damaged by the abrasive slurry.

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