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  • Medical Device Link .
    \. Magazines \. Medical Product Manufacturing News. Manufacturing Equipment Water-Jet Cutter Requires MinimalTraining Suitable for short-run parts COMBINING A MOTION CONTROLLER, high-pressure pump, abrasive jet delivery system, and two-axis machining table, the JetMachining Center from Omax Corp. (Auburn
  • Safe-Cut Provides Safe, Efficient Waterjet Cutting Services to Refinery Industry
    Edge-powered portable waterjet cutting systems to demolish three 35' diameter, 32' high tanks. Courtesy Safe-Cut. Safe-Cut uses a Jet Edge-powered waterjet cutter to cut apart a storage tank. Courtesy Safe-Cut. A close up of Safe-Cut's waterjet cutting machine in action as it cuts apart an old storage tank
  • Medical Device Link .
    assembly and production. A company offers equipment for the production and assembly of tubing. The Model 125B-1 tube cutter is designed to cut plastic, rubber, and elastomeric tubing from a minimum of 3 in. up to any length and up to 2 in. diam. A benchtop pneumatic press features two-handed, antitiedown

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    • Nozzles , requiring wear and abrasion resistance for slurry pumping, grit blasting, and water jet cutters • Nuclear applications, since 20% of natural boron is the 10 .
  • Boron Carbide (B4C) - Properties and Information about Boron Carbide
    The extreme hardness of boron carbide gives it excellent wear and abrasion resistance and as a consequence it finds application as nozzles for slurry pumping, grit blasting and in water jet cutters (see figure 2).
  • Boron Carbide (B4C) - Properties and Information about Boron ...
    The extreme hardness of boron carbide gives it excellent wear and abrasion resistance and as a consequence it finds application as nozzles for slurry pumping, grit blasting and in water jet cutters (see figure 2).
  • Carbides and Carbide Materials (Hardmetals)
    Boron carbide is used in grit blasting nozzles , high pressure water jet cutter nozzles, scratch and wear resistant coatings, cutting tools and dies, abrasives , and neutron absorber in nuclear reactors.
  • Survey of new technology now on the job
    This modernization of the cutter has made it possible to realize abrasive - jet cutting of metals with the following parameters: water pressure 200 MPa; nozzle diameter 0.15 mm; diameter of jet-head tube 1.5 ram; water discharge 1.0 liter/...
  • 244-AR Vault Interim Stabilization Project Plan
    High-pressure water jet cutter - This machine uses high-pressure water (-206.84 Mpa [30,000 psi]), gravity-fed garnet abrasive , and a manually controlled directional cutting nozzle to cut strategically located holes into the tops of the tanks to facilitate drop...
  • State of the Art of Removing Large Platforms Located in Deep Water
    The second type of abrasive jet cutters use low volumes of garnet or other abrasive materials injected at the nozzle at relatively high water pressure (50,000 to 70,000 psi).
  • Overcoming Hard Rock Drilling Challenges
    ...downhole pressure intensifiers to increase up to ten times the conventional bottom hole pressure in one nozzle . d) Abrasive Jet Drills As the high-pressure fluid jets, the abrasive jet drills can be used with mechanical cutters to drill hard rock more efficiently.
  • Cold Cutting For Decommissioning which produces on the surface a premixed slurry delivered to a cutting nozzle through a single... Cuts can be performed either externally (e g on pipelines) with an External Abrasive Jet Cutter (E-JAC), or from the inside (of piles, casings, etc ), with an Internal Cutter (I-JAC) or with any type of deployment tool designed for a...
  • The Effect of Pump Horsepower on the Rate of Penetration
    ...tain of Mr. Hellums' data i s a strong indication that the bit- nozzle target may be... This statement i s based on the assumption that bit jet streams do considerable to abrade and wear off bit teeth if the streams impinge on the cutters .
  • The application of metal cutting technologies in tasks performed in radioactive environments
    In the mockup, this was foundto be easy with the abrasive water jet cutter . In both cases, slowing the rate of nozzle travel across the object overcameany disadvantageincurred, and a clean...
  • Geothermal Technology Development Program. Annual progress report, October 1983-September 1984
    ...not possible without employing pressures beyond current technological limita- tions (i.e., pumping abrasive fluids such as... Second, the thermal studies of PDC bits indicate that drag.cutting of hard-rock forma- tions may be practical if the more severely stressed cutters on the bit face are provided with jet assistance to reduce cutter loads and to improve cooling... ...pursue a hybrid-bit design has been made, and several questions related to nozzle design for such...