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  • MICRO:February 1998:Anaysis & Metrology Post-CMP; by Cheri Dennison, (p 31)
    While it is a radical departure from the typical clean technologies that make up most of the IC manufacturing process, chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) using multipart abrasive slurries has become a key technique in enabling the development and production of sub-quarter-micron devices. First
  • Hand Application, tank preparation and application instructions.
    to remove oil, dirt, grease and loose powdery. contaminates or other coatings. Cleaning can be accomplished by: 1. Abrasive blasting equipment using dry, hard sharp sand or grit to remove. contaminates. 2. High-pressure water blaster is acceptable if it can clean the steel so it will exhibit
  • Waterproof Step Motors Make Waves in Industry
    Area Stepper Motors. Dust Proof Motors. Abrasive Dust Proof Motors. Extended Temperature Range Motors. Cryogenic Motors. Standard Industrial Motors. About Us. Services. FAQ. Pricing. Contact. Home > Lab Notes > Waterproof Step Motors Make Waves in Industry. Waterproof Step Motors Make Waves
  • Water Jet Contractor Helps Remove Temporary Pier Piles at Audubon Bridge Construction Site Following Record Floods
    minutes, cutting through the 5/8 " thick steel using 2 ½ gpm of 35,000 psi water and two pounds of abrasive per minute.  After the cuts were complete, a special cement mix was pumped into the pile to act as a "plug, " then the top portion of the piles were lifted out and hauled away.  Plugging
  • Lubrication of Lo-Pressure Seals
    for contamination of the pumped liquid or pumped solutions which may be. slightly abrasive or at the extremes of the pH range of 5-9. In car wash and pressure wash applications, standard crankcase oil can be used. In industrial applications with varying solutions, locations and temperatures, standard
  • Medical Device Link .
    equipment designed for providing surface treatment during the manufacture of medical parts is used specifically to treat the surfaces of pacemaker cans and vascular stents. Using glass beads as an abrasive, the AccuFlo blaster available from Comco Inc. (Burbank, CA, USA; removes
  • Milling Equipment FAQs
    , as is attritional heat. Practically, the high-speed mechanical mill (hammer etc. mill) cutoff is 200 mesh with a typical mid range of 80 mesh. Abrasive products will seriously erode most hammer mills, adding metallic contamination to the product. Materials that degrade with heat or have low melt
  • Medical Device Link .
    tooling. Its use prevents the residue that can result from chemical cleaning processes. The focused abrasive stream of the MicroBlaster, provided by Comco Inc., enables removal of molding residues without compromising or damaging the delicate and complex geometries of this type of tooling