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  • Absolute Rotary Encoders-Image
    Absolute Rotary Encoders - (288 companies)
    ...advantages in different situations. Because absolute encoders use a unique code to describe each position, position data is not lost when power is cycled through the device. When power is cycled through an incremental encoder, position data is lost until... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Linear Encoders-Image
    Linear Encoders - (266 companies)
    Encoders. There are two types of linear encoders and five types of encoder technologies. An absolute linear encoder provides a unique output signal for each mechanical position. They retain their position after power-down without requiring a home cycle... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Incremental Rotary Encoders-Image
    Incremental Rotary Encoders - (386 companies) cycled through an incremental encoder, position data is lost until the "home" position is once again triggered. Some incremental encoders, however, feature an index channel which produces a single pulse per revolution to use a reference marker... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Rotary Encoder Disks-Image
    Rotary Encoder Disks - (21 companies)
    ...and optical detector to "read" slot patterns as they pass in front of the optics. Devices that are paired with optical elements become rotary encoders. These are used to detect both the speed and direction that an encoder disc is turning. There are several... Learn More
  • Logic Encoders-Image
    Logic Encoders - (70 companies)
    Logic encoders convert coded information into a familiar or uncoded format. Logic encoders are integrated circuits (ICs) that generate coded outputs from numeric input lines. Inputs can be obtained from a measuring system that consists of a light... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • PLC (Planar Lightwave Circuit) Splitters - (15 companies)
    PLC Splitter Information. PLC splitters, also known as planar lightwave circuit splitters, are designed to manage the power of optical signals through splitting and routing. They provide reliable light distribution and are based on planar lightwave... Learn More
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) Splitters - (29 companies)
    They can also transform a nominal direct current (DC) input from a PoE injector or other type of power source equipment (PSE) to the required voltage for a non-PoE device. How PoE Splitters Work. This diagram shows the role of a PoE splitter in a network... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Encoder and Resolver Signal Conditioners - (96 companies)
    Encoder and resolver signal conditioners accept encoder and resolver measurements and convert or condition these signals into digital data or suitable levels. Important parameters to consider when selecting encoder and resolver signal conditioners... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Optical Linear Encoders - (38 companies)
    Optical linear encoders use fiber optic technology to sense position and displacement. How to Select Optical Linear Encoders. Image Credits: Baumer and MTI Instruments. Optical linear encoders use fiber optic technology to sense position... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Magnetic Stripe Readers and Magnetic Stripe Encoders - (120 companies)
    Magnetic stripe readers and magnetic stripe encoders read and encode magnetic stripe cards, credit cards, etc. Magnetic stripe readers and magnetic stripe encoders are devices that read and encode magnetic stripe cards such as driver 's licenses... Learn More
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encoders. Magnetic encoders. Optical incremental linear encoders. Optical incremental rotary encoders. Optical absolute encoders. Laser interferometer encoders. Geometry software and services. Additive manufacturing. Laser melting. Vacuum and metal casting. Dental / Neurology. Dental CAD/CAM...

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  • Author index with titles
    ...Z, Wang L, Wu Y and Chen L: Resonant excitation analysis of sub-wavelength dielectric grating 62 Sanges C: see De Stefano L S540 Sasaki M, Nakai F, Hane K, Yokomizo K and Hori K: Absolute micro- encoder using image obtained by... ...Forsberg E, Ao X Y and He S L: High-efficiency polarization beam splitters based on a...
  • High-precision absolute coordinate measurement using frequency scanned interferometry
    More precisely, we measured the distance between the retroreflector side of the beam splitter and the inside... To mea- sure the absolute 2-dimensional coordinates of the retroreflector, we needed first to determine the... The stage had two orthogonal horizontal motions with digital- readout linear encoders (Acu-Rite) of precision 0...
  • Wide-screen production engineering-an overview from source to display the final transmitteror satellite up-link path then a lower level of absolute quality is acceptable. The actual position of the transmission encoder depends on the network requirements and for a scenario with... Complementaryband- splitters (decoders) to a pseudo component level and subsequent re-combiners (re- encoders) have been introduced...
  • ARCADE - Atmospheric Research for Climate and Astroparticle DEtection
    Af- ter the beam splitter a 354.7 ± 2 nm narrowband filter re- ceived the resulting... The movement is handled by a Trio MC224 motion controller, which operates a servo motor, and reads the actual position of the telescope from a 13 bits absolute encoder directly mounted on the steering axis.
  • An Instrument for Investigating the Large Angular Scale Polarization of the Cosmic Microwave Background
    In addition, a one-bit absolute encoder is triggered once per revolution and this defines the zero angle of the instrument frame. ...doubler to produce a swept signal from from 26 - 36 GHz and fed into a power splitter .
  • Implementation of cooperative communications using software defined radios
    ...interference, the WARP nodes were cabled together with a set of RF power splitter and coaxial cables. ...conditions as those in figures 2 and 3 and should not be compared in an absolute terms. ...larger improvement in the measured BER when compared to the direct link having the same encoder /decoder.
  • Tunneling Times and Superluminality: a Tutorial
    ...were re- flected by the beam splitter or whether both photons were transmitted through the beam splitter . ...add the probability amplitudes for these two indistinguishable process, and then take the absolute square to find... ...on a Burleigh inchworm system, and was measured by means of a Heidenhein encoder with a 0...
  • Design and development of IASI instrument
    ...reflectors is sensitive to lateral shift of the moving cube-corner seen through the beam splitter 7 . The mobile stage is activated by a voice coil motor; its displacement is determined with an absolute optical linear encoder with a resolution better than 0.125 µm.
  • Handbook of Industrial Robotics - Chapter 57: Electronics, Instruments, and Semiconductor Industry
    ...must always begin with the reflector positioned at a point to which the absolute distance is known. Encoder Retroreflector Motor Encoder Motor Beam splitter Position detector .
  • Proceedings of the 6th CIRP-Sponsored International Conference on Digital Enterprise Technology
    ...utilises interferometry for measuring length and a pair of high resolu- tion angle encoders to measure the... In the interferometry technique a coherent laser beam of known wavelength passes through a beam- splitter . Some laser trackers provide an Absolute Dis- tance Measurement (ADM) system, which modulates the laser beam and...