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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
FFP12W Global Industrial Chemtex, Inc. Not Provided Chemtex 15" X 19" Double Weight, Fine Fiber Meltblown Oil Absorbent Pads
FFP6W Global Industrial Chemtex, Inc. Not Provided Chemtex 15" X 19" Single Weight, Fine Fiber Meltblown Oil Absorbent Pads
BP3438G Global Industrial Chemtex, Inc. Not Provided Chemtex 30" X 30" Double Weight, Bonded Meltblown Universal Absorbent Pads
MIIPRM21450 Global Industrial Medline Industries, Inc Not Provided Abdominal Pads, Sterile, Absorbent, 9"L X 5"W, 25bx, Wh
HENP-NUPB100M Hayes Trading Co. Enpac LLC ENPAC ENSORB SORBENTS Enpac Ensorb Sorbents | HENP-NUPB100M | Hayes Trading Co | 877-424-4908 - SORBENT, SORBENT PADS, SORBENT ROLLS., ABSORBENT PAD | HENP-NUPB100M
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    including a sample pad, a conjugate pad, a membrane that incorporates capture reagents, and an absorbent pad (see Figure 1). In practice, the user dispenses a patient sample (usually urine or whole blood) onto the sample pad. The sample then flows through the sample pad into the conjugate pad, where
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    90 mm wide x 300 mm long), a membrane (25 mm wide), sample and absorbent pads (15 20 mm wide), and a conjugate pad (8 12 mm wide). The cut test strip is in the range of 3 8 mm wide x 60 90 mm long. Processing of these components is typically accomplished as described below. Figure 1. Schematic
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    Figure 1). The standard components include a backing card, membrane, sample pad, absorbent pad, conjugate pad, and sometimes a wick. Modern lateral-flow tests have several improvements over the traditional model. For example, the sample pads have become efficient blood separators, allowing assays
  • Medical Device Link . Blocking strategies for nylon membranes used in enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays
    a membrane is compressed against an absorbent pad and solutions are delivered to the top face of the membrane. The primary antibody is bound to the surface of the membrane, which is then blocked to prevent nonspecific binding. The analyte is presented in a test solution, which can be either a buffer
  • Coal Pulverizer
    , resulting in downtime and labor to replace leaking gaskets, bearing damage due to loss of lubrication, constant lubricant replenishment and safety concerns. Added to these were the costs associated with disposal of leaked oil, as well as absorbent pads and desiccant. The general-service gasket
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    to flow and be collected in an absorbent pad. Adhesive backings are typically used in the construction of such lateral-flow devices to support their various components, including the conjugate pad, the microporous membrane containing specific reagents, and the absorbent pad. The time required
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    . Making such changes can enable product developers to balance performance against economy. Test device component categories Porous materialsSample pads Conjugate pads Membranes Absorbent pads ReagentsCapture antibodies and/or antigens (test line and control line) Conjugate ligand (antibody or antigen
  • Immunoflourescence - Detection of Cellular Antigens
    be dropped onto a slide. and the cover glass, cell side downwards, allowed to fall, free of bubbles,. onto the drop. Excess embedding agent should be removed with an. absorbent pad by wiping the cover glass. The edges should be fixed using. nail vanish; this keeps the cover glass in position

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