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  • Getting Plant Genes To Glow: New technique emerges from metal absorption studies
    . "This is particularly important when studying plants' heavy-metal transport capabilities, " he says. "If a gene is expressed only. Getting Plant Genes To Glow: New technique emerges from metal absorption studies. Share/Bookmark. Getting Plant Genes To Glow: New technique emerges from metal absorption studies
  • High Efficiency No. 3 Type-K Tellerette (R) Tower Packing Removes H2S at High Velocity (.pdf)
    that rapidly and. continuously form droplets, exposing fresh liquid surface. Application. H S Removal. 2. to the contaminants. This translates to high efficiency. 10,000 CFM. absorption at very low pressure drops. Exhaust Volume . 38,000 CFM. 55,000 CFM. Exhaust Temperature . Ambient. Product
  • Kimre Mist Eliminators in Sulfuric Acid Plants
    B-GON (R) Mist Eliminators are widely used in the gas cleaning and contact section of sulfuric acid plants. Metallurgical, Oleum Producing, Sulfur Burning, and Regeneration Plants rely on the mist eliminators in the drying towers, absorption towers, and many other units to protect the quality
  • Increase Compressed Air Plant Efficiency with Dewpoint Demand Switching (.pdf)
    is. usually weak and reversible. Note: Adsorption must be distinguished from absorption which is defi ned as the fi lling of pores in a solid. As the compressed air is passing through one vessel where water vapor is being adsorbed, the desiccant in the other. vessel is undergoing a regeneration where the water
  • Investigate Your Options
    is processing larger volumes of hydrogen recycle gas; there are a number. of factors to consider. The first concern is the capacity of the current absorption towers and their ability to process. the larger volume of recycle gas. If the towers are too small to handle the additional volume, a new tower
  • How the Application of Refractory Materials Have Offered the Petrochemical Industry Greater Efficiencies (.pdf)
    . The fourth countermeasure is removing or avoiding oxidizing metal ions, like ferric,. in the sulfuric acid. Life Cycle Cost of a Zirconium Absorption Tower. Zirconium (UNS R60702) clad construction was selected for service in IPA production in 64 to 69. percent sulfuric acid at 98oC. The alternate
  • Wavelength-scalable hollow optical
    Conventional solid-core optical fibres require highly transparent. materials. Such materials have been difficult to identify owing to. the fundamental limitations associated with the propagation of. light through solids, such as absorption, scattering and nonlinear. effects. Hollow optical fibres
  • Acoustic Myths and Realities: Painted Foam
    measured 0.01 above the natural!) The slight, and insignificant, degradation in test performance for 2-inch painted acoustical foam, 0.04 - 0.05 (rounded), could have been caused by the differences between the acoustical characteristics of the natural (unpainted) foam. Sound Absorption tests performed

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