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  • Humax PR-HD3000 Set Top Box
    … Satellite, DVB-S2, 8PSK/QPSK, 405MHz Dual-Threaded MIPS CPU Core, 65nm Process, w/ 1 Integrated Tuner / Demodulator • $5.49 - Ktec(HongKong) Co., Ltd - AC Adapter - 12V, 3 .33A, 40W, w/ 3 … … $1.10 - Broadcom - BCM3445KMLGP11 - RF LNA / Splitter • …
  • Motorola DCX3200-M Set-Top Box
    … End - Single Chip, Dual Channel, DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS 2.0+, 3 QAM Demodulators , Ethernet MAC & PHY … … PB-1320-01A-ROHS - AC Adapter - Input: 100-127V … … S29GL512P11FFI02 - Flash - NOR, 512Mb, 3 V, 110ns, 90nm  … … Digital, 1GHz Bandwidth, w/ RF /IF Gain Control (Qty …
  • High Frequency and High Precision CMOS Half-Wave Rectifier
    resistors [ 3 , 5, 11, 16]. Applications of high precision rectifiers are, for instance, in wattmeters, AC voltmeters, RF demodulators , function fitting, triangular-wave frequency doubling, error measurements, RMS to DC conversions, peak detec- tors.
  • RX-741 surveillance receiver
    Generic RX-741 RF front-end Frequency range: 100 MHz-18 GHz (extendable to 40 GHz) Tuning resolution: 10 kHz RF input VSWR: 3 :1 (typical) RF input impedance: 50 {Omega} Dynamic … … per second, 0 to +50°C) Demodulator Demodulation: AM/FM IF pan … … link (optional) General BITE: operator BITE and password protected BITE Power: 115/230 V AC (50-60 Hz …
  • A 0.2 mm^2, 27 Mbps 3 mW ADC/FFT-Less FDM BAN Receiver With Energy Exploitation Capability
    … that a wireless power supply device, such as the card reader used in RF -ID systems, will … Fig. 14 illustrates the energy exploitation applied in a trav- eling subband demodulator for 3 -channel FDM. AC -DC con- version consists of an input impedance control and a rectifier.
  • A 0.2mm2, 27Mbps 3mW ADC/FFT-less FDM BAN receiver with energy exploitation capability
    … that a wireless power supply device such as the card reader used in RF -ID systems will … Figure 4 illustrates the energy exploitation applied in the case of a traveling subband demodulator for 3 -channel FDM. The input impedance of the AC -DC conversion has a peak point that allows it to pass …
  • An absorption-type proton NMR magnetometer for measuring low magnetic fields
    Figure 3 . Schematic diagram of the NMR demodulator circuit. . of the NMR signal due to the noise from the … The amplifier of the demodulator has a dc gain of 0 dB and an alternating current ( AC ) gain of 50 dB to avoid saturation of the amplifier due to the rectified RF voltage.
  • Analysis of non-ideal characteristics of an ac-based capacitance transducer for tomography
    … loop gain with ideal op-amp Acr (jω) . closed-loop gain with real op-amp Ao . open-loop dc gain of real op-amp Aor (jω) . frequency-dependent open-loop ac gain of real op-amp Cf , Rf . feedback capacitance and resistance … − 3 dB cut-off angular frequency ωu, fu . unity-gain bandwidth (in radians per second or hertz) of … … digital synthesizer ECT . electrical capacitance tomography LPF . low-pass filter Op-amp operational amplifier PSD . phase-sensitive demodulator PGA . programmable gain amplifier …
  • A 60-GHz FSK transceiver with automatically-calibrated demodulator in 90-nm CMOS
    The 1st and 4th stages comprise local shunt-shunt feedback RF , allowing ac coupling between stages to suppress offset. The IF amplifier presents a peak gain of 30 dB, and a 3 -dB bandwidth of 12 … Figure 4 shows the demodulator , where the C1-L-C2 network forms a frequency discriminator [5].

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