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Parts by Number for AC Connector Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
ARF AC-660008-701BP PEI-Genesis Amphenol RF/Microwave Not Provided RACK AND PANEL CONNECTOR
AC164127-5 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided HR-TFT, and 9/12/18/24 bit TFT interface. SD/MMC Card socket, connected to SSD1926 via 4-wire interface. 16 Megabit (2Mx8) serial flash memory for additional data storage. Display connector for interfacing with different display boards. PICtail Plus Interface for connecting to Explorer 16...
C-3569 Digi-Key Amphenol Industrial Operations Undefined Category CONNECTOR
AC162061 PLC Radwell Microchip Technology Inc Not Provided ; CONNECTOR TYPE:WIRE-TO-BOARD ROHS COMPLIANT: YES
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Conduct Research Top

  • Determination of Connector Operating Voltage (.pdf)
    e. C. O. N. N. E. C. T. O. R. S. 3. Frequency Effects. Both methods described in Figure 2 are valid for conventional DC or low-frequency AC conditions. At high frequencies, additional physical effects in the insulating material may signifi cantly affect the. performance of the connector. Of course
  • Factors in the Selection of MIL-STD-1553 Couplers, Connectors and Harnesses
    Flange-. Fig. 4. DB40005 In-line. Triaxial connectors. with multi-pin connectors. Mounted Coupler. coupler harness. Used on C-17. Used on F-15E. Used on AC-130U. North Hills™Signal Processing Corp. 6851 Jericho Turnpike. Phone: 516-682-7700. Syosset, NY 11791. Fax: 516-682-7704. A Leading Provider
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    with polarizing tabs and locking ramps. The crimp-snap contacts are on a 0.100-in.(2.54-mm) centreline. They mate with specified AMP MTA-100, CST 100 shrouded headers and similar competitive notched headers. Rated for 4 A at 250 V ac, the contacts accept 22 through 26 AWG wire with a maximum wire
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    a square configuration, and it is only 26 mm deep. Features include ac inlet, on/off switch, RFI filter, and fuse holder. A metal shield between the inlet and the panel opening provides protection against radiated emissions. Flexible steel contact points make continuous contact with the chassis
  • EL8358MS conversion to the EL640.400-C3
    of the AC connection of the metal bezel to ground. There are significant mechanical differences in design and construction between the EL640.400-C3 and the EL8358MS displays. The C3 is smaller so mounting brackets can be made to position the C3 display properly. See the manual for mechanical
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    cycles and an operating temperature range of -50 to 170 C. They use 300 V ac and, depending on the number of contact positions, have current ratings between 3 and 7 A. The components can be overmoulded with silicone in a single step, and customizable PVC flex reliefs can be added for cable
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    a 2.5-mm pitch and a height and width of only 11.3 x 4.1 mm. Their small size and low cost make them especially suited for high-density electronic equipment. These insulation displacement connectors are offered with 2 to 13 circuits of AWG #28-26-24 wire. Current rating is 2.0 A ac/dc at 250 V ac/dc
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    range is -5 to 122 F and coil voltage is 6 -220 V ac at 50 -60 Hz. Can Stack Step Motor. A can stack step motor is available with unipolar or bipolar construction. Danaher Motion (Wood Dale, IL; offers its Portescap 42S048 step motor with sintered bronze sleeve bearings