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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
CP-F72-55-65H-120V-AC-I Newark / element14 SHURITE METERS Not Provided SHURITE METERS - CP-F72-55-65H-120V-AC-I - FREQUENCY METER
ACM20-5-AC1-R-F-C Digi-Key Murata Power Solutions Inc Industrial Controls, Meters AC POWER METER 32A FREQUENCY
5026-45-65HZ-120V Allied Electronics, Inc. HOYT ELECTRICAL INSTRUMENT WOR Not Provided Frequency Meter; AC Repulsion; 2.75-in; 45-65Hz Range; 120V; 2% Accur.; Stud Mnt
5036-45-65HZ-240V Allied Electronics, Inc. HOYT ELECTRICAL INSTRUMENT WOR Not Provided Frequency Meter; AC Repulsion; 3.5-in; 45-65 Hz Range; 240V; 2% Accur.; Stud Mnt
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  • Panel Meters
    . 50 or 100mV DC. Current Transducer. AC or DC A. DCV or mA. Frequency Transducer. Hz. DCV or mA. Watt Transducer. AC V &A. DCV or mA. Pressure Sensor. psi. DCV or mA. 100A:5A CT. Display 3 parameters. e.g. V, A, W. 600V:120V PT. W, VA, Freq. Liquid Level. Bargraph Meter: W, PF, THD. Sensor
  • Designing Energy Meters with the PIC16F873A
    . an interval of 2t. We will work on the assumption that a. should adequately calibrate the meter. In practice,. segment of sine curve spanning 2° can be thought of as. individual component variations may cause differences. linear. For AC power in many countries, the frequency. between calculated
  • Clamp Meters: Getting the Most-Needed Functions
    that should be avoided or powered down. MRO professionals should look for certain specifications when selecting clamp meters and related test equipment. Most clamp meters measure AC current. Look for a clamp meter with the added ability to measure DC current. This offers significant convenience when working
  • AC Line Voltage Transients and Their Suppression (.pdf)
    . Transients in an electrical circuit result from the sudden release of previously stored energy. The severity of, and hence the damage caused by transients depends on their frequency of occurrence, the peak transient currents and voltages present and their waveshapes. EC639-AC Line Voltage Transient
  • Compact Filtering for High Current & High Frequency Applications (Part 2)
    electrode. The through current is a function of. resistance can be under 10mΩ for the 30A filter, but. the power source and load impedances (or control). The. might have to be below 100µΩ for a 400A filter in order. through current can be dc, single frequency ac, or a more. to control the power dissipation
  • Understanding Ring Generators
    , the only difference is the AC outlet provides 110 to 220VAC at 60Hz or 50Hz. The ring generator typically provides 45 to 90VAC at different frequencies. The low frequency is needed for electromechanical bell telephones. Old telephone sets equipped with these mechanical bells use a large inductor
  • Reference Guide: Glossary of Terms
    AC Motor - AC Motors may be operated at a constant speed, without variable speed control, or may be furnished with a variable frequency controller for variable speed control. Variable speed AC Motors generally provide a 10:1 drive turndown ratio, typically for powering a feeder. Glossary of Terms
  • Power Measurement Application Note
    . voltage to a lower level (fig. E). Depending on voltage levels, frequency meters can be directly connected in the same manner as the ac voltmeter, or operated through. a potential transformer. Some wattmeters, power factor meters and watt-hour meters are directly connected to the power source. (fig. F

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