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  • AC Induction Motor Fundamentals

    – induc-. applications. Although AC induction motors are easier. tion motor. Interaction between the magnetic field of. to design than DC motors, the speed and the torque. these electromagnets generates twisting force, or. control in various types of AC induction motors require. torque. As a result

  • AC Motors

    A synchronous and synchronous motors are the two main categories of ac motors. The induction motor is a common form of asynchronous motor and is basically an ac transformer with a rotating secondary. The primary winding (stator) is connected to the power source and the shorted secondary (rotor

  • Replacing Your DC Motors? Think AC

    devices, motor cooling will be reduced at slower speeds. In such applications, the motor should be specifically designed for variable-speed operation. AC variable-speed motors usually state their speed range. If you apply the motor within the specified speed range, overheating should not be an issue

  • What Is The Default Password For An AC Tech SMVector VFD?

    graduated from Indiana University: South Bend with a bachelors in Informatics and a cognate in business. He is currently the Applications Engineer and Information Technology Manager for Precision Electric, Inc as well as the host and founder of The PCM Tech Help Show. Tagged. ac motor speed

  • AC and DC Variable Speed Drives: Application Considerations

    Motor. The second graph shows this profil can be 20:1 throughout the speed range with special motors designed for adjustable speed operation, such as the Reliance RPM A-C Motor. A-C and D-C V*S Drive Application Considerations

  • "Hotrodding" AC Capacitor Motors and Gearmotors ...At your own Risk

    electrolytic capacitors.  The oil-type capacitor is inherently larger and more costly than the metallized film or electrolytic type. AC (Fixed Speed) Induction Motors and Gearmotors from Bodine. The PSC motor operates similarly to a two-phase motor and is, therefore, inherently more quiet and efficient than

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  • Re: Windmill Synchronization

    Typically, grid connected wind turbines are now induction generators; they produce AC, not DC. You said DC, that's why I mentioned inverters. An Induction Generator is basically a standard AC motor that is driven by the wind to above synchronous speed which turns it into a generator inste...

  • Re: Washer Motor

    Most washing machine motors are brushless AC motors and are capacitor start, with a mechanical governor relay that kicks it out of start mode after the motor is at design speed. You cannot use a speed control on these motors, you at best will burn it out, at worse you will catch it on fire. Use a m...

  • Re: Phase Conversion

    Here it is in its entirety. Click on the schematic at the bottom for a larger view of it. 3 Phase Converter Schematic. (Miller system) I was going through my old Cad files and found this schematic I made a while back. I figured that with a good write up to explain how it works to back it up i...

  • Re: 1 Phase To 3 Phase

    hiii all, to be precise, simply, capacitors wont do the job. if one can design an RC phase shift oscillator for power frequencies, it would be fine since these oscillators are used only in the audio frequency range so far as i know. and again, a possible solution may be to give the single phase...

  • Re: Need recommendation for Power Supply and Speed Control for 12v DC Motor

    Interesting, thanks for the advice! I will probably mount the power supply in a separate chassis, since the pottery wheel will get wet by design & I want to keep the AC components completely separate. I've actually considered just running it from a permanent battery, and connecting to a charger wh...

  • Re: Generator Size to Charge an Electric Car

    You don't have a clue about basic electrical and mechanical power or working principals do you? First off you cant just wire two 110 AC generators in series and get double the voltage unless you have a way of perfectly synchronizing the shafts together otherwise you will get a useless stumbling wav...

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  • Queries on Centrifugal Pump

    I have a Centrifugal pump that is run using a fixed speed AC motor. The starter for the motor is a star-delta. I have a tank A on top of the centrifugal pump and the pump is fed from this tank and discharges to another tank B situated at the same height as the Tank A. Whenever the pump is started (

  • A Doubt About Series Motor

    Question - Two DC series motors connected in series draw current I from supply and run at speed 'N', when the same two motors are connected in parallel taking current 'I' from the supply, the speed of each motor will be?

  • Motor Design Engineer up to $115K + bonus

    Full-time hire: Motor Design Engineer up to $115K base + bonus + relocation. You can live on the USA or Mexican side of the border. Requirements: Willing to work in Nogales, Mexico (which is across the USA border from Nogales, Arizona) 4 year degree Minimum of 5 years experience in motor design Minimum of 8 years experience in designing and implementing assembly processes for motors. They prefer AC motor (fractional or universal type) experience but will consider someone with DC motor experience Duties: Responsible for the definition and full implementation of the manufacturing process for AC electrical motors Represent manufacturing interest ...

  • Power Factor of Treadmills and AC

    Can anyone have idea of the power factor for the treadmills and AC used for 230 v AC

  • Amine Motor Tripping After Replacement On Offshore Platform

    · Old motor (Manufacturer-Weg) was replaced with new ABB make motor of 415V/50Hz/110kW/0.85pf. Old Weg motor has been replaced with ABB motor because of higher torque requirement. All motor parameters of Weg and ABB motors are same except motor torque value and shaft diameter. New motor torque value

Product Announcements for AC Motor Speed Schematic
Bodine Electric Company
Variable-Speed AC Gearmotors, Motors & Controls

Bodine Electric Company has expanded the Pacesetter ™ family of AC inverter duty, three-phase gearmotors, motors, and AC motor speed controls. Pacesetter motor and gearhead combinations are optimized to deliver maximum output power in the smallest package. Our Quintsulation ™ 5-stage insulation system is designed to meet NEMA MG 1-1993, Section IV, Part 31. The inverter-grade magnet wire and Class F insulation system offers superior protection against potential spikes or corona...

Yaskawa America, Inc. - Drives Division
Industrial AC Drives

Yaskawa is the world's largest manufacturer of AC drives for industrial automation and OEM equipment. Our drives cover every automation application need in the industrial plant. These AC drives incorporate the latest technological advancements in AC motor speed control, made possible by experience and dedication to quality in design and manufacturing. These adjustable frequency drives offer the greatest selection of size and performance available, with power ranges from fractional HP to 1750 HP...

SSD Drives, a Division of Parker Hannifin Corp.
AC10 - AC Variable Speed Drive

Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, is pleased to introduce the latest addition to its AC variable speed drives range. The Parker AC10 Micro Drive is a simple, reliable and economical solution to every-day AC motor control applications requiring speed or torque control within the power range of 0.25 HP to 30 HP (0.2 kW to 22 kW). With compact dimensions and features normally only associated with higher specification drives, including sensorless...