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  • Pure Terephthalic Acid Plant
    A major chemical manufacturer required a pollution control system to destroy the halogenated volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted during the formulation of Pure Terephthalic Acid (PTA). Anguil | Pure Terephthalic Acid Plant | Innovative Air Pollution Control Solutions.  English (Change
  • An Evaluation of General "Rules of Thumb" in Amine Sweetening Unit
    for some time to maintain a. minimum temperature approach of 5C (10F). The temperature approach is defined as the temperature. differential between the incoming acid gas and the lean amine feed. The reason for this guideline is to. prevent the condensation of hydrocarbons in the contactor and avoid
  • Hydrate Inhibition with Methanol - A Review and New Concerns over Experimental Data Presentation
    other. uses and benefits in the gas processing industry. Methanol has been used successfully in acid gas. removal, hydrocarbon dew point control and dehydration. Water Content. When determining the conditions necessary for hydrate formation, it is important to. understand the competing factors involved
  • Forty Years of Corrosion Solutions: A Retrospective View of the Chemical Process Industries (.pdf)
    , capital productivity, sales: asset ratio, natural gas, Cr+6, nitric acid,. duplex stainless steel, zirconium, sulfuric acid, syngas, chloride stress corrosion cracking, corrosion. fatigue, velocity accelerated corrosion. INTRODUCTION. The Chemicals Process Industries, CPI, is a remarkable group
  • Medical Device Link . EtO Sterilization: Principles of Process Design
    and the sterilizer rear exhaust vent (or "backvent") be connected to an emission-control device such as a wet scrubber or catalytic oxidizer.12 Wet scrubbers function by diffusing the vacuum-pump stream into acidified water; the acid catalyzes the reaction of water and EtO to generate ethylene glycol
  • Analytical techniques
    operates under standard conditions. The emission gas is sampled out of the stack with a heated probe. The sample gas lines are heated and always need to be kept at a minimum. The gas sample enters the analyser panel via a 3-Way solenoid and an acid filter is used as protection for the sampling system
  • Spot Mark Reader (SMR-2352H2-S)
    . snapping of wires. ~. Don't use or stock where is filled with chemicals, salt, flammable gas,. corrosion gas, acid or alkaline. Especially acetone solvent corrodes internal. mold resin of SMR-2352H2-S and SMG-2352S. ~. Keep SMR-2352H2-S away from water and oil. ~. Don't install SMR-2352H2-S
  • Monitoring Fugitive Dust
    , and an internal 12 volt. monitor can assist you by providing. by fugitive dust. If the dust is. lead acid battery provides up to. the speed of light scattering with. “clean” the inhaled particles can. 100 hours of operation. The unit. the precision and accuracy of beta. lead to asthma and other