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  • Case Study: Case Depth Analysis of Induction Hardened Steel
    Three short samples of 61.1341 mm diameter induction hardened steel were tested utilizing the ARIS (Acoustic Resonance Inspection System) and three different iterations of a toroidal resonance mode electromagnetic acoustic transducer (RM-EMAT). These samples were marked S, N and D representing
  • Case Study: Extrusion Weld Detection in Aluminum Rod
    Extrusion weld detection: A .565 in. I.D. N:5 Resonance mode transducer was utilized to generate a subsurface ultrasonic resonance in a .440 in. OD aluminum rod. The frequency response is plotted against the lineal distance logged by a rotary encoder connected to the ARIS unit. The acoustic energy
  • Case Study: Surface Defect Analysis of Bearing Grade Hot Rolled Steel
    acoustic transducers (RM-EMAT) were fabricated for this test. The transducer width is 1.3" with an axial inspection window of about .75". The first transducer was a 1.970" ID was a N:29 or 29 wavelength transducer that produced a resonant frequency of approximately 547 kHz. This transducer did not provide
  • Case Study: Bonding Integrity in Bimetallic Steel Tubing
    A number of samples were provided in 4 groups for evaluation of the interlayer bond integrity of stainless steel- tantalum-stainless steel tubing. These samples were examined with two types of RMEMATs (resonance mode electromagnetic acoustic transducers) each of several configurations; toroidal
  • Air-Coupled Acoustics: Sound PAT for Tablet Characterization
    resonance frequencies of the tablet. The pulser/receiver unit excites an air-coupled transducer with a square pulse at a central frequency of 120 kHz (Fig. 2a). The tablet is sonified by an acoustic field generated by the air-coupled transducer. The propagating acoustic field excites a number

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