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acousto-optic devices operate in the Bragg regime, the. common exception being acousto-optic mode lockers and Q-. switches. Acousto-optics from A.A Sa 6,rue de Versailles F-78470 Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse Tél. : 33(0)1 30 52 87 17 - Fax : 33(0)1 30 52 78 03 - 3. The diffracted light...

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2 Acousto-optic effect 3 Acousto-optic devices A diffraction image showing the acousto-optic effect.

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Acousto-optic deflector Active cavity radiometer Bragg?Gray cavity theory Brake force Bremermann's limit

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Signal Processing Bragg Cell   Other AO Devices Acousto-Optics   Introduction   Q-Switches

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32 Channel Acousto-Optic Bragg Cell For Optical Computing Acousto-Optic, Electro-Optic, & Magneto-Optic Devices & Applications (Proceedings Volume)

Submicrosecond speed optical coherence tomography system...
OCT system relies on using an acousto-optic deflector (AOD). This OCT system has the attractive features of an acousto-optic scanning heterodyne

Acoustic diffraction in anisotropic gallium phosphide Bragg...
[0,0,1 direction, is particularly attractive for multichannel acousto-optic Bragg cell devices because of its anisotropic acoustic

Minimization of nonlinear acousto-optic Bragg cell...
Proceedings., IEEE 1989 Item Title: Minimization of nonlinear acousto-optic Bragg cell intermodulation products Publisher Name: IEEE Publisher

As shown in Table 1, changes in the cavity optics outlined in...
I. Comparison of Dispersion in Electro- and Acousto-Optic Amplifiersa Electro-Optic GVD TOD Acousto-Optic GVD TOD Amplifier Element (fs2) (fs3)

Acousto-optical devices, 42.79.Jq Acousto-optical effects, *43.35.Sx, 78.20.hb fuel cell vehicles (FCVs), 88.85.Cd fueling stations for, 88.85.Pq

US PATENT SUBCLASS 348 / 754--...
US PATENT SUBCLASS 348 / 754 .~.~.~ Acousto-optic (e.g., Bragg cell, etc.) .~.~.~ Acousto-optic (e.g., Bragg cell, etc.)
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