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Workers can change level of warmth with turn of dial, without having to deal with bulk of natural or synthetic fiber layers.

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FPRF Smoke Characterization Project- Final Report 3.doc
and smoke release rates than the natural materials (e.g. wood, cotton batting). This is anticipated to be primarily due to the modes of degradation
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Assessment of Fabric Open Flame Test Methodology
the standard Upholstered Furniture Action Council (UFAC) polyester fiber batting underneath.

Exploratory Tests of Barrier Materials
7. 100% cotton pile weave corduroy, 9.0 oz/yd2 (Fabric 4), and 8. 57% acrylic, 31% polyester, 12% olefin, plain weave, chenille yarns, 8.0 oz/yd2

insulated outerwear specifications Technical Bulletin 270904...

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NPWRC :: House Bat Management
Soft materials such as insulation batting can be easily attached to a building with a heavyduty staple gun.

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Silk Fiber (3) Synthetic Fiber (28) Viscose Fiber (3) Sub-categories: Fiber Cotton Fiber (1)

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Martex Fiber Southern Corp USA. Nationwide collection of textile and nonwovens wastes for recycling into processible fiber blends of cotton, viscose,

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