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  • Some "Trash-Talk " Worth Listening to Activated Carbons in a Nutshell
    . (K8326-5) Carbon uses run the gamut: from fish tank filters and tap water purifiers to wastewater treatment and air pollution monitoring and control. In the United States, such applications consume over 300 million pounds of activated carbons annually about half the 600 million pounds used worldwide
  • Air Quality - A Closer Look at Museums
    present, and the concentration. Temperature and humidity. Amount of air to be treated. Operators generally have media choices.  The most common is a standard activated carbon or a blend of carbon and potassium permanganate. The standard activated carbon system will remove ozone, nitrogen dioxide
  • Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quaility
    Specifies that filters with a MERV rating of not less than 6 be installed upstream of all cooling coils. Specifies that gas phase adsorbers (typically activated carbon) be used to control gaseous contaminants when needed to provide an adequate level of indoor air quality. An ASHRAE Group
  • Pollution Control that Pays Its Way
    Through the installation of an activated carbon technology recovery system, the Armak plant in Marysville, Michigan, is able to consistently meet air emissions standards as well as recover a significant amount of solvent used in its tape manufacturing operations. AMCEC - Case Study 2. Home | world
  • Industrial Hygiene Report: Control of Diethyl Ether in the Workplace
    . Experimental: On July 27, 2011, an activated carbon filter, which is generally. employed for organics removal, was installed in the Model 300 WSL. The air flow. rate with this filter was set for approximately 250 cfm (cubic feet per minute). 25.0 ml of diethyl ether was dispensed from a 50-ml burette
  • Industrial Hyigene Report: Control of Methylene Chloride in the Workplace
    , an activated carbon filter, which is generally. employed for organics removal, was installed in the Model 300 WSL. The air flow. rate with this filter was measured to be approximately 250 cfm (cubic feet per. minute). 25.0 ml of methylene chloride was dispensed from a 50-ml burette and. evaporated
  • Medical Device Link . Covalent immobilization of bio-molecules to preactivated surfaces
    ( SH) groups. * The hydrazide surface that is reactive toward periodate-activated carbohydrates. * The universal for covalently immobilizing any molecule pos- sessing aliphatic carbon-hydrogen bonds. N-oxysuccinimide. The NOS surface reacts almost exclusively with primary amine groups
  • Control of Toluene Vapors in a Lab Setting: Industrial Hygiene Report (.pdf)
    A test was setup to determine the filtering efficiency of a Sentry Air Systems activated carbon filter cartridge on toluene vapors within a Sentry Air hood. A 99% solution of toluene was used for this specific testa. To determine the absorption ability of the filter on tolune, its concentration

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