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  • Has "IN SITU" Remediation Replaced "Activated Carbon PUMP & TREAT" in the Groundwater Market? (.pdf)
    that on all remediation conferences, such as AEHS, National Groundwater, Battelle, and others, 100% of the technical papers and most of the vendor exhibits deal with In-Situ, and negligible papers and vendor exhibits from Pump & Treat or sorbents such as activated carbon, Organoclay being the rare
  • Pollution Control that Pays Its Way
    Through the installation of an activated carbon technology recovery system, the Armak plant in Marysville, Michigan, is able to consistently meet air emissions standards as well as recover a significant amount of solvent used in its tape manufacturing operations. AMCEC - Case Study 2. Home | world
  • Solvent Recovery Case History (.pdf)
    and paperboard markets. The Process. The Company uses a Solvent Recovery System to recover and re-use solvents from its manufacturing process. Solvent laden air from the process is passed through an activated carbon bed. When the carbon bed is nearly saturated with solvent, a steam-down cycle occurs
  • How To Select a Continuous Solvent Vapor Monitor to Meet NFPA 86 Requirements
    . *?The safety logic system that is activated by the analyzer. How to Select a Continuous Solvent Vapor Monitor to Meet NFPA 86 Requirements | Control Instruments Corporation. Login. Products. PrevEx Flammability Analyzer. CalorVal BTU Analyzer. Flame Ionization Detector. Gas Sensors. AcuPro Infrared
  • The potential for increased reclamation
    monitored by measuring COD and colour removal. Colour removalChemical (aluminium sulphate, poly aluminum chloride and ozone) and physical (activated carbon adsorption and nanofiltration) colour removal was investigated on bench scale units. Colour removal was measured by spectrophotometric means
  • Medical Device Link .
    An experimental miniature hybrid connector system eliminates the need for a separate plastic housing and reduces overall package size and weight. The hybrid connector system from ) incorporates a heat-activated adhesive to secure the connector. Electrical connection is made as the adhesive
  • Bearing maintenance tools enhance sustainability with rotating equipment
    , minimized environmental assaults, and reduced carbon and other emissions. Power Transmission | Bearing maintenance tools enhance sustainability with rotating equipment — Reliability goes green for rotating equipment: Four innovations can help you meet sustainability goals | Plant Services. Log InRegister
  • Aerators Enhance Aerobic Digester Process
    the plant installed four new floating brush rotor aerators in May 2004. Examining the process. Aerobic digestion is a sludge stabilization process designed to convert waste activated sludge solids to carbon dioxide,water, residual cell debris and other end products. The oxidation of cellular material

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