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  • S-Cube TM: Generic Controller for Active Acoustics (.pdf)
    Silentium developed a generic controller for active acoustics, i.e. Active Noise control (ANC), Active Structural Acoustic Control (ASAC) and Active Vibration Control (AVC). Silentium offers a range of products for active acoustics' product developers and consultants in the field of active
  • Accelerometer Noise
    for a piezoelectric accelerometer operating as a voltage or charge. amplifier. C is the capacitance of the piezoelectric element with a loss factor ŋ which is. equivalent to the inverse of the quality factor, R1 is the biasing resistor and the. active device is either a Junction Field Effect Transistor (JFET
  • Using the TC1264 for Single-Ended SCSI Active Termination
    Termination. Author: Paul Paglia,. Microchip Technology, Inc. 1. The termination of each signal shall consist of 220Ω.(±5%). to the TERMPWR line, and 330Ω (±5%) to ground. Using. resistors with ±1% tolerance improves noise margins. INTRODUCTION. Active Termination. SCSI (Small Computer Interface
  • Active Driving Pleasure Assisted by the Newly Developed Steering Aid Motor (.pdf)
    and effort. Were it not for the lack of feedback, the interaction between the road and driver, full electronic control (steer-by-wire) as found in aircraft could represent a solution for safe but agile. driving. Press News. A world first takes up position. Active driving pleasure assisted
  • A CMOS Active Pixel Image Sensor with In-pixel CDS for High-Speed Cameras (.pdf)
    sensors, CMOS image sensors, active pixel sensors, CDS, noise. 1. INTRODUCTION. Application of high-speed videography extends over various discipline fields such as optical measurement including. fluorescence analysis where density measurement has great importance, motion analysis including capture
  • Optimizing for IT People: Monitoring and Controls with SNMP
    initiated remotely, by the monitored device; they get sent directly to the NMS whenever a preconfigured event occurs, so they do not require regular polling by the NMS. If used effectively, traps can dramatically cut down on network noise. Active notifications of this sort are entirely lacking
  • An Integrated Fan Speed Control Solution Can Lower System Costs, Reduce Acoustic Noise, Power Consumption and Enhance System Reliability
    the popularity of brushless DC. began moving from passive to active solutions. In the. (BDC) cooling fans (Figure 1). In addition to the. days of the 486 microprocessor, the processor cooling. advantages of conventional fans, BDC fans have a. was implemented by a heat sink and an embedded fan. significantly
  • Keep that noise down!
    activation by water, solvent, or heat. Proven devices for sound and vibration control include sound absorbers, sound barriers, antifriction films, and vibration dampers. PSA's play an active role in each. Sound absorbers trap the

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