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  • Servovalves
    pressure. Increasing this area by 2 to 2.5 times, for instance, increases spool actuating force by an equivalent amount while lowering frequency response to 20 to 80 Hz at 90 phase lag. Higher spool actuating force enables the valve to overcome spool seizure caused by silting, thus improving system
  • Mechanical Switches
    . Manual switches can have one or a combination of switching actions. In momentary-action switches, the operator pushes (pushbutton or toggle) or twists (rotary) the actuating device and contacts move to transfer the circuits to the second set of contacts. When the actuating force is removed
  • Switch Tips: Photointerrupter switches
    control, i.e., a stop that prevents possible damage by overtravel of the actuator. This allows repeated and rapid actuations as often arise in emotionally charged video games or vending machines that malfunction. Though its actuating force is typically quite light (about 0.75 N or 0.169 lbf
  • Mini valve features high flow
    X-Valve has only six parts, which also equates to fewer potential leak paths and higher reliability. Rated life is 25 million cycles. An additional benefit is that the X-Valve's compact design permits more magnetic material which, in turn, increases actuating force and the ability to seal larger
  • Specifications
    mechanism of the switch should never be used to restore an external actuating device to its normal rest position. If more restoring energy is needed, add auxiliary springs. This is the amount of force holding movable and stationary contacts together. It ranges from 5 gm in the coin switch to more than 150
  • Hulls and Decks for Personal Watercraft
    the ability to easily see the backside of the part when actuating grip. Because of the inherent structural flexibility of hulls and decks the clamping forces around the O.D. of the part must be restricted. Access to the bottom part of the stack is limited to 6" openings in the bottom frame
  • Accounting for lost motion
    as adjustable seats in cars and planes. The basic design features a movable core either a solid-wire or braided wire-rope cable that's free to travel axially inside a conduit. Actuating a lever or similar device at one end of the cable assembly produces output force and motion at the other end. Solid-core
  • The Mechatronics of MEMS
    MEMS switch for cell-phone RF (radio-frequency) front-ends. The MEMS effort at RFMD includes electrical engineers, physicists, and chemical engineers. "MEMS can be an interesting place to work because it is multidisciplinary, " says Hammond. "You are actuating a machine with currents and voltages, so

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  • Dynamics of the motor vehicles
    Between them and the driving force Fx that accelerates the vehicle mass m about ¨ x acts the roadway.
  • Dubbel
    The driving force fa must hold it the balance during uniform movement.
  • Dubbel
    The driving force fa must hold it the balance during uniform movement.
  • Oil hydraulic system
    By operation of the driving piston, counteract the setting movement the forces that must be overcome by the actuating force Fb.
  • Vibrations of mechanical drive systems
    Given driving force sizes .
  • Mechanical engineering
    The last case occurs for example, when through a control the driving force of a motor directly but .
  • Vie path manual motor vehicle technology
    This is reached either through closure of mind. two separate vehicle electric circuits that are necessary for the operation of the Fz with own driving force (e.g., starters, ignition, Kraftstoffversorgung) or through Eingriff by means of a code in mind. a …
  • Dubbel
    The driving force fa must hold it the balance during uniform movement.