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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
ACTUATOR Radwell Automax Not Provided POSITION CTRL
R431003984 Radwell Bosch Not Provided POSITIONER A-2-H ACTUATOR CP W P57086-10
R431003984 Radwell Skil Bosch Not Provided POSITIONER A-2-H ACTUATOR CP W P57086-10
R431004011 Radwell Hamac Not Provided POSITIONER A-2-H ACTUATOR CP W P57159-10
R431004011 Radwell Rexroth Not Provided POSITIONER A-2-H ACTUATOR CP W P57159-10
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  • How to Guide: 4-20mA Positioner Field Installation - Indelac Actuator
    Here is a guide on how to install a 4-20mA Positioner on any Indelac Actuator. The following instructions are a step by step manual for an easy and smooth field installation.
  • How to select an Actuator (part. 2): Pneumatic Actuator
    To ensure automated valve performance in today's sophisticated process control systems it is essential to develop a complete specification for each of the elements in the control package. Though the valve actuator is the basic element in a valve automation package, pilot valves, limit switches
  • Pneumatic and Electric Actuator Product Guide - Metric
    for modulating control. Pneumatic actuators are required to operate in a wide variety of applications; they have to function first time every time, often under very difficult circumstances. One actuator may perform hundreds of cycles 24 hours a day, whereas another may open and close just once a month
  • Pneumatic and Electric Actuator Product Guide - Imperial
    mounting. Dual stroke adjustment is also offered on all E Series actuator models.
  • Intelligent Remote Positioner
    The excellent cost/performance ratio of the PIC16C5X makes it well suited as a low-cost proportional D.C. actuator controller. This application note depicts a design for a remote intelligent positioning system using a D.C. motor (up to 1/3 hp) run from 12V to 24V. The position accuracy is one
  • Application Note: Sensors and Switches Used in Valve Actuators and Valve Positioners (.pdf)
    A valve actuator is a pneumatic or electric mechanism used in process control systems to automatically open or close valves. Potential Applications: Valve actuators can be used with either linear or rotary valves in industrial, medical, food and beverage, and transportation applications.
  • Control Signal Input
    Control input signal refers to the use of an actuator in association with a throttling valve. Throttling valves regulate the flow, pressure or temperature of the service. They can move to any position within the stroke of the valve and hold that position, including full on or full off. The addition

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