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  • Uses for Electrical Meters Part 1
    There are many types of electrical meters, but their uses are not always clear. This week we are going to focus on voltmeters, resistivity meters and nanocoulomb meters. Uses for Electrical Meters Part 1. Home. About. Press Releases. Current All-Spec Promos. Videos. Subscribe. Uses
  • Electrical Termination & Mounting Configurations of UltraVolt HVPSs
    As with any precision electronic device, proper mounting and electrical termination is necessary for trouble-free and reliable operation of an UltraVolt high-voltage power supply (HVPS). Improper electrical termination of UltraVolt HVPSs can cause damage to the electrical connectors of the power
  • Balancing the Electrical and Mechanical Requirements of Flexible Circuits (.pdf)
    Circuits, by definition, have electrical requirements they must meet. Flexible or rigid-flex circuits, because they will be bent one or more times, have mechanical requirements as well. These two sets of requirements can conflict with one another, posing challenges for the designer. This paper
  • Cutting the Strings on Adhesive
    . Structural Adhesives. UV/EB Curing. Packaging. Product Assembly. Food & Beverage. Book Binding/Printing. Foam Bonding. Laminating. Wood Working. P.O.P. Medical. Solar/Alternative Energy. Auto/RV/Marine. Construction. Electronics/Electrical. Videos. Glossary of Terms. Testimonials. Articles/Press
  • UV Curing Adhesives Shine
    impact strength, strong bonds to a. equipment. The fastest of these lines can reach speeds. variety of electronic substrate materials, chemical. in 80 ft/min, which provides some indication of just how. resistance and electrical insulation properties. productive these fast-curing adhesives can
  • Adhesive Dispensing Units Manufactured by Johnstone Dispensing Systems
    are blocking the guns. volume. •. The flowmeter, which was the weakest link in the system,. was eliminated, an advantage even for single component. Johnstone Dispensing Systems previously developed this unit with. materials. another type of analog transducer, which was highly susceptible to. electrical
  • Medical Device Link . SPOTLIGHT ON ADHESIVES
    . T413 tape consists of a high-bond-strength, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive filled with alumina particles and applied to a fiberglass carrier. It provides good conformability to irregular mating surfaces and electrical isolation. T414 tape is similar except that the carrier is 0.001-in. Kapton
  • Uses for Electrical Meters Part 2
    Sometimes you need a more specialized device. This week we are going to look at a few of these specialized meters and what they are used for. Uses for Electrical Meters Part 2. Home. About. Press Releases. Current All-Spec Promos. Videos. Subscribe. Uses for Electrical Meters Part 2