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  • Thermal Characteristics of a 330 KV Surge Arrester
    factors. To demonstrate this, the thermal analysis of a 330 KV metal oxide arrester is considered in this example. The adiabatic heating of the varistors due to a lightning strike and the subsequent temperature distribution in the device as a function of time are presented here. Thermal Characteristics
  • The Application of OIM to Friction Stir Processing of Cast NiAl Bronze Materials (.pdf)
    Institute for high-strength aluminum alloys [1-3]. In FSP, a cylindrical, wear-resistant tool consisting of a smaller diameter pin with a concentric, larger diameter shoulder is rotated and forced into the surface of a work piece. As the tool penetrates, a combination of frictional and adiabatic
  • Application Note: Temperature Effects on Leak Testing
    Temperature effects are a significant consideration while testing for leaks using pressure or flow measurement techniques. There are two sources of temperature effects; adiabatic, the effect of changing the pressure of the test medium, and ambient, the effect on the test piece by the environment
  • Hannover Fair - Day 2
    presentation we attended was by Per Sand, Vice President of Swedish company Cell Impact. Cell Impact has developed a highly efficient system of stamping metal into precise shapes using an effect called adiabatic softening. This effect was noticed, interestingly enough, in the military industry. When
  • Fresher with Pressure
    slightly from compression (adiabatic) heating, but that rise is immediately reversed upon depressurization. And, because product isn't discharged under pressure, exit and entrance temperatures are the same. Packaging choices are basically unlimited because filling is
  • HEI(TM) Wet Electrostatic Precipitator Provides Superior Submicron Particulate Collection
    and/or high opacity, aerosol removal, sticky or tenacious gas stream particulate, gas streams at or below adiabatic saturation temperature, or where acid gas plus particulate collection are required. The system is also available with a patented nonfueling RotaBed Precleaning Module for greater
  • How Thin Can a Microfiber Be and Still Guide Light? (.pdf)
    by only an order of magnitude. © 2006 Optical Society of America. OCIS codes: 060.2340, 230.7370, 060.2370. There has been recent interest in the fabrication of. an extremely simple result for A12 in the adiabatic. optical fibers with micrometer- and nanometer-order. approximation was obtained in quantum
  • Optical Microfibers: Fundamentals and Applications (.pdf)
    barrier can be defined for adiabatic MF tapers in exceptional cases only [18]. However, the. loss in adiabatic MF tapers can be determined quite simply with exponential accuracy [17]. Low-loss coupling. between adjacent MFs is easier to achieve if the MFs are adiabatically tapered and the contact region